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you get high first time ???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mooglekexin, Apr 24, 2003.


well did ya ???

  1. yes, so much i peed myself

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  2. nope, waste of money that time was

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  3. its possible to NOT get high ???

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  4. heres the shoddy digit clone again (sigh)

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  1. well when me and my mates did i was the only one to get really stoned, the rest were just dazed and i did some stoopid things (as hailChickenWing will no doubt tell ya).

    so, did you get high first time ???
  2. Yup. I was thoroughly stoned my first time.
    Loved every minute of it.
  3. man i really dont remember the first time i ever got high off weed. but i do remember this one time i got totally blasted from some shit i smoked (dont know what it was). i was straight trippin hardcore. i had crazy closed eye visuals and was laid up for at least an hour. the world disappeared and all i could hear was the dj and the music he was spinning. i was like, super high.

    sorry, it was a bit off topic but i thought id share that. ^_^
  4. first time i smoked I was so stoned I could barely stand let alone follow the conversation.
  5. well the absolutely first time, no

    but two hours later when we smoked more, i was fucking ripped
  6. nope took me about 5 or 6 times to smoke before i got stoned.
  7. 1st time i smoked was the highest ive ever been. Dont think its possible to get that high ever again. I remember we were heading back to my friends house from the park which is about a 2min bike ride and i remember it feeling like it took 2hours to get there, my sense of time was just completly fucked.
  8. The first time I smoked by myself was the highest I've ever been. I smoke with friends some, but not much. I got a pipe and some of my own weed and didn't realize how much a full bowl on that pipe was when you haven't built up a tolerance. The first time I ever smoked was a close second, tho. The only problem I have with being extremely high is certain places and things magnify the ringing I hear in my ears and just about drive me crazy. Something in my friends house did that to me when I went inside and made it so I could barely stand. My desktop computer does it, something with the fan. The micro-fridge does it a little but I don't want to unplug it because my Hot Pockets and ice cream wouldn't stay frozen.
  9. ha nope it took me forever...i did it wrong cause there is no way after that many times, it was like 6, that i didnt get high without fucking it up some way
    oh well glad thats over :)

  10. LOL thats so funny (the time shit happens to me when Im walking a distance high)
  11. I remember not being into smoking or any drugs at all, but one day I realized that I had to at least try it to see if I liked it. So I did. It was one of my best highs ever. I remember standing over my desk and touching it and then feeling my hand touch it like 2 seconds later. I was so baked. Off of 2 hits too!
  12. yeah i did get high my first time, it was three of us smoking for the first time and we kind of zoned out and watched the tv for awhile, these great tunes felt like the lasted for hours and hours
  13. First time for me was a few years ago, and I had run away from home. I stayed at this girls house, and I was completely clueless when they said that we could smoke a bowl. I asked what a bowl was and they cracked up, saying that it was going to be so much fun getting me high. I'm basically one of those people that will try anything once. Im very outgoing. So to make a long story short, I got so fucking ripped that they pursuaded me to go on a bike ride to get some smokes, and well, I crashed and was knocked unconscious. I woke up in the hospital psych ward about 5 hours later.
  14. heres the shoddy digit clone again (sigh)

    hehe lol:D
  15. i whitied first time!


    it was actually the second time... the first time i didnt really get much, so nothing happened.
  16. First time.. im not saure i smelled some at a concert i think it might have gotten me a little high. My first time i actually smoked i got a medium high. The highest ive ever been i was at my friends party we smoked all day and i was tsill high from the day before... my girlfriend was talking to me and i would hardly respond because i would forget what she asked me 2 seconds ago... LOL and i didnt pee myself til like my 5th time smoking hahahhaa
  17. I was at work my first time. I worked for a carpet cleaning company and my boss (Doug) was a big time smoker. We had a light day once so Doug wanted to stop by his apartment on the way to our first job. He loaded me a bowl of some stinky skunk (smells good now) and told me to relax while he cleaned his carpet. I took one hit and coughed my balls out. Took another and coughed my ass. All it took was two hits and a half hour later... I was tore up! I barely remember anything. Doug was talking to me but I had to make myself talk back. Nothing seemed real, I think I tripped too. Then the hell came. We had to go to our first job and meet strangers!! SHIT!! I swear the customer knew I was high. She kept staring at me, so I started to freak out!! I spent the rest of the day in the van and let him do all the work. I was jacked up for about 6 hours that day. It turned out to be a cool job because I found out the owner was a smoker too. Been smokin since that magical day in '90.
  18. The first time I smoked I was so ripped. My mate had been smoking for years and he offered me some cones of this fine hydro stuff that you could smell from across the room. By my fifth cone, apart from my lungs hurting like they were full of cement, lets just say that I forgot where I was and wandered off down the street looking for something (I forget what).
  19. The 1st time is alwayz the best!!!

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