[You + Ganja] Care What Others Think?

Discussion in 'General' started by impulse, May 20, 2010.

  1. Do you care what others think about your choice to smoke the herb?

    For example, if a friend tells you that he won't hang out with you if you smoke weed.

    I had a friend of many years tell me that he won't hang with me anymore if I keep my smoking up. He always brings up that I could mess up his career -which I understand his position- but he complains when we chill at my house and I smoke.

    He tells all my friends and other stoners that he doesn't smoke because it's his 'personal choice,' and that he has nothing against it- Yet he continues to say that it changes people, and in my case "he doesn't like being around me when I'm high."

    I don't get it.

    Do I just say Fck it, this is who I am and what I do?
  2. not to be mean but, your friend kind of sounds like a little bitch, just tell him to fuck off..LAY DOWN THE LAW:smoking:

  3. yeah people are gunna say things like oh he isnt a real friend then but thats all just bullshit ' im sure he's still a real friend of yours its just the way he feels because thats how he is

    its just within him we have to accept that we aren't all the same in all ways at all

    so if i was you id just respect his decision and tell him you're not gunna quit toking just for yalls "relationship"

    keeps it real ya kno

    or stop smoking
  4. My non-smoking friends and coworkers have no idea that I smoke, and there's no reason for them to know.

    My friends that do smoke, have no reason to judge me.
  5. I think that marijuana definitely does change people. your friend might be right about that, but you shouldnt care what he thinks about it. Just dont smoke around the kid and dont worry about it
  6. Few know I smoke but I could care less if they hate me for smoking because they are probably going to a kegger later. It's my choice.
  7. A lot of people in high school heard about me smoking one time from some big mouths and I got shot a few looks from teachers and shit. It sucked and after that I decided to choose acquantinces better. Now, people whom I've been friends for a while now know I smoke from either being around me or through mutual friends. However, if a stranger meets me they probably won't suspect it at all. If I ever get asked about it by a random person I just say "I don't smoke, however I feel that prohibtion is wrong." Keeps people off my tail, but also gives a subtle hint to people who smoke that I'm down.
  8. whenever I get stoned and walk around campus everyone I know can tell I'm fuckin high. bloodshot eyes, big stupid grin, smell like weed haha. I don't give a fuckkkkkkkkk
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    That's unacceptable in my eyes. It falls under the saying "your house, your rules". I would be personally insulted, and probably tell them to leave. You have the right to do what you like, in the way you like, whenever you like in the privacy of your own home. No question.

    Not doing something out of the consideration of your non-smoking friend is fine. But for him to abject to you smoking in your own home is disrespectful.

    EDIT: If someone asks me if I smoke I'll say, yes I do. I prefer against offering information that isn't blatantly obvious.
  10. i dont really care what people say but i dont go tellin people that i do
  11. If someone said they didn't like being around me high, boo hoo cya later.
  12. if someone said they didnt like being around me when I'm high...

    I'd promptly tell them to hop off my dick
  13. I had this problem with a girlfriend one time. I stopped smoking for her for a couple months but once she broke a promise to me i said fuck it I'm me and I'll do what I want. Never dating a non smoker or someone who cares about it again. Smoke weed :)

    true friends will smoke with you
  14. Personally I don't care. If my friend doesn't smoke then its cool with me.. I just don't smoke infront of that specific friend unless he/she is cool with it. It's called decency, you should look into it.

    Well, then.. I don't see the problem? If he chooses not to smoke then so be it. Weed really does change people, he's got a point.
  15. Nah I never encountered that problem with my friends before. I would begin to HATE someone if they told me that OP.

  16. ive noticed a significant change in the few days off from smoking ive had. so yes, you are quite different while and after you are high. i still retain all my open minded-ness about things and my philosophical ways but, im now noticing i speak much more intelligently and am much faster thinking wise.

  17. Well, for me its easy to be upfront about my smoking with people since I live in california. Everyone here has either tried it and has gotten over it or they are doing it as we speak. With grown ups, parents, family, anyone, I dont care who knows. But then again that's just always been my personality about everything.

    Occasionally you'll get some people who look down on it. Mainly people who havent tried or are too pussy to try because they've been frightened by it as little children and they still have that childish attitude towards it.

    Or you'll find those people who use to smoke in highschool and now they're "over it" and they're off being boring individuals. Chances are, if they were actually smoking the bomb, they wouldn't have stopped. Id quit too if i were only getting that schwag.

    Fuck everyone who doesn't smoke. They aren't worth my, or your time. They're lame. Its not cause they DONT smoke. Its just their attitude. I dont need those vibes and neither do you.
  18. Most of my friends know I smoke and if they say anything about it being negative I remind them I graduated high school with a 5.2 gpa and maintain above a 4.0 now and I have a good job so weed has if anything IMPROVED my life.
    The one thing I hate is that my girlfriend doesn't want to be around me when I'm high cuz she hates "seeing me like that". It's ridiculous -.- if everyone were a stoner there would be a shitload less stress in the world
  19. all of my good (or even not so good, some just acquantances) friends know I smoke. Some of them think it's stupid, but they are still my friends. If any of them said that they wouldn't be my friend if I keep smoking weed, I'd tell them to slob on it.

    I don't think there's anything in the world that I care less about than what people think about me or my actions. If someone doesn't wanna blaze with me, that's totally fine...but if they don't want to be my friend because I smoke, then oh well. THey're not the type of person I'd want to be friends with anyway
  20. Aahhhh yes. The whole "I'm not going to associate myself with you because you smoke Marijuana" speel.

    I counter that with "If you have a problem with the way I choose to live my life and its going to cause friction between us for some apparent reason, then don't talk to me."

    End of convo.

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