You ever found any herb?

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  1. Have you ever found any buddah anywere? I found a really nice bud of some purp at a slightly stoopid concert I went too. Anybody eles ever have some wicked finds?

  2. yeah ive found a bag full to the brim of keif when i was cutting school one day :) it was amazing

    and ive had a lot of dealers in and out of my car cause iim friends with most of my dealers.... and one time i was trying to figure out how to get some bud and i had no money so i was cleaning out my car to \try to round up some quarters (car is a mess with change lol) and i found 2 bags of some nice trees.... it was ill cause i sold 1 and got some money for food and shit haha it was a nice find
  3. Back when I was in highschool, I was walking down the hall with my friend jazmin. She spotted a bag of weed on the floor and tried to get it, but just as she did some dude kicked it into the boys bathroom. Instead of asking me to get it, she yells, "Thats my weed!" and runs into the boys bathroom to get it. We ended up skipping class and smoking it right after :p Gotta love highschool.
  4. Back a few years ago I was at a family reunion and my cousin and I decided to tour over to the trailer park across the highway. While walking we saw 6 plants in between a shed and a fence to another property. This was late october so perfect time to grab them. We grabbed them and realized the only places we could run was across the highway, or across a field in any direction.

    We thought we were going to get fucked over but we each split it 50/50 and trimmed the buds in my grandmas back yard beside the river. Good fucking times.

  5. I would be so pissed if those were my plants
  6. Yeah pretty dog act on your part i reckon, cause you didnt find it, you stole it. :(
  7. I was young and an asshole and had no idea how much time and effort goes into growing weed. And my cousin would have taken it all without me if I didn't help, and being 15 I didn't want anything like that to happen.
  8. Ah ok, i didn't appreciate the time that goes into growing at 15 either so i can see why you did i guess lol.
  9. i dont care what none of yall say if u saw 6 plants BUDDED and ready to be harvested why the fuck wouldnt u just grab some nuggets off honestly i would have done that if i ever found even just one plant in some random spot that im never near... shit good find i always hoped that id run into a wild plant or something but no luck haha
  10. My friend and I bought a half-ounce and I guess when he was splitting the bag in my car he dropped a huge nug on the floor. 3 days later I found it, it was a nice way to start a morning.:D

  11. Man thats so gay imagine if you went into the trouble of securing a location you thought was good, and maintaining a couple plants right up until harvest and put all the effort into it and some piece of shit comes and takes all the nugs off.
  12. yea if i saw a bunch of budding trees id more than likely take some. Anyways ive found nug before. This year i was ditchin first period everyday to blaze and one morning i was walkin through these gutters and i remember i thought i saw a friend of mine drop a bag of shake.Well turns out he had dropped about a bowl of shake and i just packed that shit and got torched.
  13. i woulda just been happy a cop didnt find it. but thats just me.
  14. You go to some of the distribution centers for medical marijuana, there's one by the co-op in Arcata, and they toss weed in their dumpsters. There's quite a bit of travelling homeless kids that come through there and it's well known so not only is like the trim and shit thrown out but they'll toss in a few good buds sometimes

    I was sitting outside of the Rays in Garberville and had someone hand me and my friend a lb of trim, we made honeyoil
  15. Once I was cleaning my room and I thought I found a chunk of hash, I went to smoke it and it was a big chunk of eye liner. So no never found anything exciting, just eyeliner.
  16. the only bud I've ever found was in my mom's dresser. not to mention it was mine from 3 years ago, with my brothers old pipe. :smoke: the weed was dry as fuck, but still got me HELLA high.
  17. That's life man.

    Would you rather get busted or have your nugs stolen?
  18. well i havent but i have smoked other peoples bud. My friends work on a golf course and they clean the golf carts. They find all sorts of stuff one day some guy came there took a cart out for like 30 minutes then came back. When my friends went in the cart they found a 1/4. The funny thing was i was with them when they got off and were closing and the guy pulls up asking if they had found anything in the carts and of course my friend being a smartass. goes "like what" the guuy just sat there with this blank look he didnt know what to say. So he just drove off it was really funny. We don't feel to bad about if the guy had just admitted what he was looking for my friend would have given it to him.
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    thats pritty fucked up.. but its understandable if u were 15

    ive only found a celofain full of nugs at a time
  20. i found a ten sack of some sour diesel in a pill container along the road coming home from school one day and i smoked it with my friends it lasted forever

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