You Don't Really Need All The Expencive Stuff To Grow Good Bud!

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  1. Alright People Im Tired Of All The People Saying That You Have To Have All That Expencive Lighting And Shit To Grow Bud! For The Past 7 Months Ive Been Growing 2 Plants That Ive Been Keeping In My Closet During The Night And Placing Them In My Window For About 6 Hours A Day( I Live In Arizona, Not Sure If That Has Any Effect) And Last Week I Jsut Harvested Some Of The Best Weed Ive Smoked In My Day Other Than Dro! I Have Some Pics On Myprofile And Will Be Posting More Later Today. Just To Show You People That You Dont Really Need All That Expencive Crap To Grow Decent Bud I Have Just Started Growing Some Plants About 2 Weeks Ago And I Will Be Posting More Pictures As They Progress. Thats It For Now But Later Today I Will Be Posting An Easy Foolproof Guide On How Im Growing My Crop.

    Hope To Hear From Some Fellow Cannibis Consumers Soon!

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  2. can't beat the sun and yes the popular saying is growing weed is as easy or as hard as you want to make it. IT has been doing its thing long before we came around and started tinkering with it. IT is a weed so it will grow in many different conditions. Goal is to try to mimic the outdoors as much as possible when forced to grow indoors.
  3. You Are Correct But Im Just Tired Of All The Peoplesaying That All The Costly Items Are Recommended. And I Started Growing Inside So That The Plants Would'nt Have To Go Through The Shock Of Being In The Harsh Elements Of Mother Nature
  4. Not true at all you dont need expensive name brands to grow great weed.....

    take look at my Grow Catalog...I spend a maximum of 50-60 bucks per grow and yield over a Quarter pound to Half pound of Grade A dank :hello:
  5. it is the reason most newbies come on here and get confused or end up doing something wrong because they get caught up in all the hub bub about hydro and use this fert and that additive and you will get the best results. That is hogwash. True Organics in soil is by far the best and easiest method available to us when growing anything. I use the biointensive growing techniques outside in my veggie garden and I plan to do the same with my ganja. ALso making your own compost is key and if you havea tumbler with a tea drain-offi nthe base such as mine does you can just use the compost tea that collects in the base and I usually add 1 cup per gallon of water and it works great as a all-around fertilizer on its own with no additives whatsoever. Best of all it is free. ;) Just made from kitchen waste and yard waste.
  6. Very true, a Bio-Active soil fed with Organic nutrients is far superior to any type of Hydroponics.
  7. you know it ;) Good to be back around the forums it has been too long since i have been on. ;) I have been learning alot about true organics from various books my father loaned to me he is into the composting and such and I have started my own compost in a tumbler and open pile as well. IT is coming along nicely and the garden is ready for me to begin the double-dig process before I start planting all my fruits and veggies in May. ;)
  8. Yeah when i had a house with a large back yard I used to compost all of my yard clippings a kitchen waste into a very rich soil for my Vegetable garden , the results are amazing.

  9. mother nature does know best. ;) We must all work harder to work along side her instead of against her.
  10. i mix my own soil, i use some mulch i found in my barn(very rich), and then i mixed in a bunch of coffee grounds, and then added potting soil so the mixture could retain as much water as possible, and then i topped it off with a few worms in each plants soil to keep the mixture turning constantly and i just put in my leftover stems to keep adding to the soil
  11. thats working soo good !
  12. i get shitloads of weed every year for just like limited money
  13. Tell me about it :D
  14. Putting worms in the soil of a growing crop?! This is done? Tell me more! SVP...:)

  15. hellz yeah it is done, check out DR. Budgreenes post he throws worms into his pots. ;)
  16. yeah the worms keep the soil turning constantly which means you will have a higher rate of decomposition which gives you richer soil thus giving you a more healthy plant
  17. Hmmm... I looked around for dr. budgreenes anything, but didn't get far. Could you shove me in the right direction?

  18. adding worms keeps the soil turning and that helps keep your plant healthier
  19. AMEN on this thread!
  20. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: This Organic Operation was completed using a home mixed soil and simple organic nutrients, the total cost was 57.30 and the yield was 10 1/2 ounces with a street value of 325.00 per ounce.


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