YOU Can't HANDLE This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. HOLY SHIT!!! Thats buetiful... Dayummm

    make it do taht with this image

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  2. Hey thats preeeeeeeeeeeeeeety crazzzy... Thanks

    Uppn for the captin

    THE "I spelt dacaptn wrong above, and am stealing his wahtchamacality thing" RELAPSE
  3. hey cap'n... out of curiosity... did you ever drop acid back in the 60's-70's when it was all kinds of pure?

    that pic reminds me of some of the stuff i was seeing lastnight... and the 'cid was just as pure as it was back then. :D
  4. what is that little x for and is there any way u can send me the progame to make some thing like that(pm it to me) if ya can't thats ok, pace
  5. My partner was a Chemisrty major at Bama. We drove to Cambridge, MA because Dr Tim said ifin we'd come he would give us all the formula for Lysodergictirethmide-25 and ifin we came he would tell us how to REALLY tune in- turn on- and drop out...he did...we did...I'm still alive(got a couple left, maybe:)) and left to "draw" what we saw soooooo...I'll bet ya DID see that thingum cause i did and there it IS!!! HahaHaha!
    They'er commin ta take me away, hee hee haa haa hoo hoo
    Da"STILL Flashin Back"Captn

    BTW We eventually made it back down south and proceded ta brew up some a da BEST Dr Tim LSD-25 ever created. This we put 100 dots on sheets of purple construction paper and "distributed" them to the owner of "The Great Speckled Bird" underground newspaper in Atlanta who put 1/2 a sheet in every paper he gave out till they made LSD illegal. YAAAAAHOOOOO!

    Very nice Cap'n!
  7. lol. wish i knew how to make lsd... the people here love the stuff.

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