You are not special.

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    ^ Each dot in that picture is an entire galaxy..

    Got really high one day, and took some unmentionable consciousness expanding substance and realized how insignificant we are and how we are all the same. Scientifically speaking, we are all animals, albeit it very advanced animals living in a very advanced environment yet as a human race we have no unity. The only times we do have unity are for a specific race or when something traumatic like 9.1 happens, and it is beautiful. In those moments of tragedy we all realize that we're all in this together. Why waste time hating each other and being an asshole to someone who is YOU.
    What's more inspiring and beautiful than those raw moments of humanity that strip us of our ego bullshit and individuality and remind us of how we are in this earth, this life, this UNIVERSE together.

    [ame=]First Person video of Joplin MO tornado 5 22 it is happening.joplin missouri tornado - YouTube[/ame]

    At the end of the video, everyone felt so much appreciation and love for everyone around them because they realized how fucking insignificant their indivdual ego is and how powerful the world can be and how much it hinders them from being a geniune loving participant in life. Once we can realize how we're the same we can actually start being ourselves all the time around everyone and stop this bullshit individualistic facade that hinders true human connection.
    just some thoughts..
  2. [ame=]blew my mind - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Tell that to the christians..... They're the ones with the egos.
  4. yeah yeah we are realy tiny

    and realy big at the same time.

    ya dig
  5. Buddy, trying to start a battle against human nature isn't a good idea, no matter how many mushrooms you've done.

    And why can't we all get along? Because the first asshole that came along would consider your head planted firmly up your ass and would take full advantage of that situation.
  6. It's a dog eat dog world my friend, get used to it. :)

  7. Just trying to raise awareness. It's all a guy can do.. But I realize I can't have this attitude openly, or else I'd be a pushover. Life is full of douchebags who love taking over those kinds of people, but a time is coming where this attitude will be common. I have a feeling that this planet will be brought down to the rock bottom and will spark an inward analysis among the masses where we will realize all of this and more.
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    ^ agreed

    we're one gene mutation away from a zombie apocalypse

    interesting bumper sticker that stuck in my head like an ill timmed vaginal offgassing

    Lack of preparation on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part
  9. Didn't this thread already happen? Well, at least you gained some wisdom
  10. what about the aliens? what about the transmutated cows?
  11. lol, look at the microbes and single celled organisms. then you would realize how significant we are.

  12. We are a special life form in the sense that we are very complex and advanced, but big picture wise we are not significant.. especially alone.
    but I believe that in days ahead we will have more unity, and maybe even accomplish something bigger than ourselves.

    But still, realistically, in this universe. We are not Alone.
  13. were just chromosomes on the cell called earth
  14. collateral for a debt we didn't take out.
  15. guys i saw aliens tonight holy shit!

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