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  1. ok well im 5 1/2 weeks into flowering.. when should i flush my plant?? the day be for harvest? a week be for harvest? cause the day befor harvest im gonna keep it in the dark for 24 hours be for i hang her to dry so that the THC is more potent.. i just fed her a day and a half ago with my fert
    10-60-10, the pot is heavy now cause of the water.. im not tryin to hurt her cause im so close to the end.. help me out.. thanks
  2. Flush the last week before your gonna cut it. Usually the last dose of ferts for me is in the start of week five, this gives the plants the week to suck up nutrients, then flush last week to have a tastey smooth toke. Make sure the pots dry out almost completly, the slight moisture is there to make sure when drying budz they don't dry 2 fast. I have not tried the 24 hour dark period. I have heard of this and I will try it on a harvest. Let me know what effects it has on your trichomes PLZ.

    Much Peace Much Smoke,
  3. thanks for the help...a lot of the pistols are starting to turn brown and withering up,it looks like its almost ready to cut down.. but i dont think the soil is going to dry be 4 i harvest cause its still very moist... and how do i prevent the buds from dryig to fast?? i mean whats wrong with buds drying fast? will it not be a clean smoke if they do??? and if the soil is still moist when i wanna flush, should i just go ahead and flush it anyways? will it hurt the plant if i do??
  4. here is a pic of a Bud on my plant... tell me how much longer u think till i harvest...

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  5. looking good, i think i answered this in another post....looks like it still has a week or 2 left, as for flushing i wrote in the other post 5 days but before that if you want, it don't matter much..........Peace out..........Sid

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