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    I'm sure many of you have heard kids these days sayin "YOLO". At first I was detracted from this expression because it is such a trend, but then I began to ponder on the thought that it may not be so bad. I truly do live every day as  if it is my last, and often use the "you only live once" expression when faced with the proper scenario. An example would be if I'm trying to hit on girls at the bar or putting myself in situations that may provide opportunity. It's a good mental driver, and if it wasn't so commercialized I would prob get it tattooed on myself (even though I don't even have a single tattoo on me). It's something I thought I would share because it is generally looked down upon due to it's use in pop culture.

  2. I feel ya man. Im not a fan of the stupid trends but i have heard myself using the phrase when trying to justify to my friends to do something.

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  3. why not do crazy shit without yolo
  4. Because people use yolo as an excuse to do something really stupid. I think what the op is talking about is just waking up everyday and thinking this may be your last so make it special. Do what you want to do and get it done with.

    But also don't yell yolo as you drive drunk down the highway at 200 mph.
  5. Good call. I usually hear people use the phrase right before doing something flagrant. I wish it was an acceptable reason in the eyes of the law.

    Judge: Son, you were caught tea bagging a police officer's vehicle while you poured sugar in the gas tank. Do you have anything to say for yourself before I sentence you?

    Me(guilty tea bagger): Yolo your honor............yolo.

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  6. ...YOUMADEBROYOLO!?.. Battlefield friends haha


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