Yoda, the 4eared cat

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    This cat is wild looking... He's been on Good Morning America or some shit like that so its prolly not fake.....

    The owners found it in a bar, where it was being held in a cage and ridiculed..... The adopted him from there. The cat became famous when their son put pics of him on the internet......

    Check it fools.....

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  2. aw, how cute is that..i am glad it was rescued :hello:
  3. At the bar it was found at the called him "Devil Cat"

    His extra ears do kinda look like horns huh?
  4. aww kitty

    how cute
  5. ivan.....the 4 dicked person.
  6. so uh. .

    did somebody nick its ears or is that a natural anomaly from birth?
  7. From what I believe he was born that way.

    It isn't 1 set of cut ears.... its just 2 sets of ears....

    I bet he can hear really well.....lol
  8. yeah they do. but it is still cute as hell lol
  9. i want some mutated pets.
  10. Awww that cat is just too cute!
  11. awwwwwwww, loves it! :D
  12. lol
    its photoshop

    unless u prove me wrong by a video,, oh wait they can edit the video too so i guess u cant prove me wrong

    its fake
  13. believe what you like......


    Not my cat, so.........
  14. yea, i dunno. the cat was brought to a television show with a live tv audience. something tells me a genetic mutation is actually more likely then any measures that woulda been taken to photoshop a cat for no reason whatsoever. if it was just a random picture i saw online, of course i'd think otherwise.
  15. Yeah.... Tyra wouldn't want a fake cat on her show...

    They tried for an interview......
  16. so... was the cat on tyra or good morning america? your givin me conflicting information now lol
  17. Good morning america.

    tyra called them, but didn't do an interview.
  18. thats actually a cute kitty
  19. i dont see the resembelance tho....

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