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  1. hey guys... awkward... anyway yea i smoke... too much so im trying to stop for a bit so i can concentrate on important shit then when the important shit is over with the i get rewarded by getting real high. but anywhooooo its gunna be about 6 months before i smoke again so what do you guys think i should have replace smoking?
  2. Start drinking like an underpaid Slavic coal miner.
  3. hey welcome you should get some spice gold or sipce diamond thats a really good substitute for weed.
  4. is it incense or do you smoke it?
  5. look it up on google but you smoke it
  6. If youre trying to get shit done....Dont you want to substitute it with whatever shit you have to get done?
  7. well you see i just need some more money for my car and smoking is one expensive hobby and you know now that i think about it there is nothing to show for it
  8. Just don't trade it in for ciggerets. they cost as much if not more, aren't half as fun, and before you know it you'll be addicted. Trust me, don't go onto tobacco.

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