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  1. City's Dead, sup ya'll? Who's high?
  2. Roger, nice to see you here.
  3. lonely nights turn into gaming high nights
  4. Burning out right now, slowly drifting into sleep...

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  5. Hi guys, just thought I'd let everybody know that im smoking on the finest cheese..... 4 ever smokin!!!
  6. Just got out of bed about an hour ago, still buzzy. :D
  7. I'm going to sleep
  8. Been sober for about a month, but I still like to see what the city is up to!
  9. Just chilling listening to music. My dad just rang to say that it's busier than he's ever seen it at the shops. People become so stupid during christmas.
  10. Been layin in bed surfin web on iphone for past 3 hours

    Dadgam interwebz
  11. @ Zool ^ I love just being a spectator this time of year.
  12. Yusss

    People watching is fun haha
  13. The Great American Pastime. :D
  14. WTF, it's 7:30 and just got light outside. Short days, cloud cover. :(

  15. I find it a bit demoralising. Tell me - from a 62 year old's perspective - is it possible to act separate from "the herd"; or do you just accept that pack mentality is a part of being human? I feel like I have the question in my mind but I'm not sure how to word it. Hold on:

    When I'm in a crowd, or taking part in a party or celebration, I feel like I am forced into acting a certain way. When I am alone, I feel uninhibited and "myself", and I can't seem to replicate that when I'm in a large crowd. I feel like it's pack mentality at work, and I am just being conscious of my own part in it.

    Is it possible to truly be yourself (without just learning the mannerisms), while in crowds or during large events which you're a part of? I feel like it's impossible to completely shrug off the pack mentality, unless I try to act like I'm "independent" and that feels just as fake.

    I hope that didn't sound too convoluted, I just have this question and I feel like an older person may know more than me!
  16. reporting for duty!
  17. I think ur overthinking it

    Those people are doing wats natural, they have the responsibility of buying their family presents and are using the before christmas deals to get them, usually they all go to the cheapest place like wal mart so it becomes crowded

    Sometimes large amounts of people's actions will coince but theyre still natural (which i think is being "yourself)

    We are all still human after all
  18. I'm not quite sure of your question, but I'll give it my best shot.

    My natural instincts are to be a contrarian. I like this old saying, "The bandwagon is usually headed in the wrong direction." I avoid fads and trends and even did when I was young to some degree -- when the pressure to conform is at its greatest.

    When young, you don't realize that most of what you are doing is just a generational trend. When you can look backwards over several decades, then it becomes clear.

    I see young people doing things today that are just trends, but they don't realize it. These things didn't exist 20 years ago -- which is what makes them a trend -- but everyone's perspective is usually within their own life span so they don't think of them as a trend.

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