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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. haha damn these things r fun to play with. I remember back in like 7th grade i was real into doin all kinda crazy shit, and like i found one of my old yoyo like a week ago n i been playin wit the shit ever since haha, anybody else enjoy yo-yo'n?
  2. they were big back when i was in elementary school...

    ...and now they arent that great anymore, haha. i could do a few tricks like walk the dog or the elevator thingy, but i never really tried to get any better...
  3. Im so buying one for when im high! It would be crazy fun!:D

    I used to play witht hem all the time, they were so addiciting.
  4. yeah there was a big craze in elementary school for a while. ther'll probably be a repeat of that in 5-10 years
  5. Yeah, back in elementary school everyone and their dog had a yo-yo. It was fun stuff.
  6. haha same story here, either its a big coincidence everyone had a yo-yo in elementary school, or one genius marketing plan
  7. same here..... pretty funny, I remeber I got a "real nice" one when I passed my boater saftey test with no wrong answers, lol
  8. believe it or not, but this kid i know is dating the sister of the #1 yo-yo'er in the united states. true story, i swear.

    they were big in elementry school for me too. everyone had em. then it faded away. i hope they don't come back, cause they're still boring imo. but i think that's cause i sucked so bad at it in the day. i'm sure if i would had practiced it'd have started to become fun.

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