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  1. From texas? lol i just moved to austin tx, music capital of the world and i have to say. you get so much fucking amzing bud from alll around just posted up chilling in your appartments.
    i mean fucking a this is so tight.!

    my name is kenneth and im completly new
  2. Yeah Austin is pretty amazing as far as im concerned i live in San Antonio so i go up fairly often the music scene and Bud go hand and hand like Lamb and Tuna! :) i'm kyle just trying to make new friends on here Thanks.
  3. tight tighttt, i used to live in san antonio haha, but fucking sweet. mee too. just got framilar with the website and stuff. its a sick website tooo so im stoked to know and be appart of it.

    what part of SA you from
  4. yeah i use to live in san anotnio to, off stone oaks and another time off san pedro, and now i live in dallas but damn. the weed down there was fucken incredible.
    my man went to houstoun and austin.
    i believe the strains (2 years ago ) was like
    -super silver haze:hello:
    -arjans ultra haze #2:hello:
    -G13 haze
    -strawberry cough
    -Pot of gold
  5. Damnnn tightt, i've had some of that super silver hazxe befor. and goddamnnn that some tight shit.

    that number 2 guy sounds pretty extrream lol. That tight there are people i can relate too in this place though, not like a lot of other placers where everyone is completly radomnh shit ha

    410 vance jackson, dez a vala? i cant remeber how to spell those streets hah
    \iv'e herd great things about houston bud though, ive only had a taste ha
  6. um like around bandera and 410 where do find G13 any more isn't than like a military strain?
  7. i bet its g13 haze.

    i think barneys farm makes it

    that G13 your talking about is from missippi.
    ive only seen it in high times once

    its suppose to be at 30% THC
  8. haha wow im trying to find some Diesel Ryder seeds im building an aeroponic system, you know the 5 Gallon bucket one i also need an ultrasonic fogger and im set !:poke:
  9. I thought Nashville was the music capital of the world?

  10. hahha is it? i came up here and thats all i herd. considering downtonw is a non stop going venue ahahha

    i've had some G13 going around for a little bit, but i mean i had no idea where it came from. or even if it was the legit g13

  11. PM me mannn
  12. Its the country music capitol of the world.

    Welcome to GC! :D

  13. why what gave you that idea?:D
    that would be the country music capital of the world
  14. Yo austin! thats where its at
    sittin in my house blazin in austin right now
  15. Welcome to the forum main, Hope to hear from you.
  16. YOoo austinn! where you attt hahah,
    thats whats upp, just smoking and chilllinng

    havnt been here in a minute though, i otta chill here for a bit!

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