Yo Yall I Was Jokin

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.bubbles, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. ok refering to the KSR appreciation thread..i was fuckin around ya know..i said FUCK KSR..well me and him are homies..he my *****...but anywasy i guess you cant tell sacarsisim over the internet..you my ***** ksr..PEACE OUT I WONT BE BACK FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS IMA MISS THE CITY KEEP THIS THREAD BUMPED SO KSR SEES IT
  2. haha bubbles is the man
  3. What about me!? Why can't I be THE MAN!?

    Bubbles is the man. Thats why him and I are going to a WNBA game later today.
  4. yup...we are....:D fuckin cool hell uyeah
  5. you the man too no you the shit dude bob dylan hurricane his song gives me the goose bumps
  6. We'll have to go watch the Houston Comets kick ass! Unless, the game's been cancelled due to a shoe sale or "that time of the month."
  7. yeah...i hear that
  8. bump bitches.... that was a joke
  9. im leaving now im officailly on the road
  10. Have fun! :hello:

    I be heading out to work soon, myself.
  11. Nobody gets our wraped sense of humor, Bubs.
  12. It aient no thang homie, Trust.

    I already PM'ed ya bro, Aient no thang.
  13. it better not be....haha shit

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