yo im drunk and high af

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  1. hey guys im drunk as high as fuck still sippin stil smokin, what uall doing. klets smoke AND CHIll soooo ya moving from florida tro iowa in 6 days., soooo ya leet smoke brotjhers fuck hgreyhound shit but gufuck it yoo

  2. Where at in Iowa? 
  3. west des moines bro... im from twin cities, minnesota, aka east saint paul lol lets smoke and chill ill need an o right when i move cuz im not risking carrying that shit with me (not asking for a connect grasscity, chill broooo)
  4. Douche bag^
  5. LOL
    Why are you moving to Iowa?
  7. FL kinda sucks... having a kid in a little over 4 months and wanted to be closer to family(from Minnesota), too hot down here for our liking, a much poorer quality of life down here than we're used to. plus, our new apartment is about 200 more a month, so it'll be a lot nicer, we can have our dogs there, and it's a couple blocks from a bunch of restaurants/stores, where as here, i'm about 3 miles to the nearest anything. and gotta walk everywhere since I totaled my car on the way down here. not to mention the cultural differences!
    Maybe in Iowa you can grow? IDK about the specifics. Actually, I lived in FL in Cape Coral for a few months... it seems like because the real estate is real bad in some areas, there are a lot of grow ops out there. Dude the heat is horrible! I remember one time walking to the gas station in my rain coat while it was raining and I was literally sweating bullets because of the humidity.
    Sounds like a good move for you! Considering it's Iowa, you might want to take some seeds with you; hopefully you can hit up a local bar or something for some herbs. Also, if you're taking the greyhound, you can bring weed but I wouldn't bring a lot. Just enough to ration until you find a connect? Just my 2 cents.
  9. you think? I was maybe gonna bring a gram rolled up into a few j's to help me sleep on the greyhound, cause we'll be on it for a day and a half. true that, can't even do anything outside besides swimming lol, i'm too white for this sun/heat. and helll yeah! I'm going to order some off nirvana or something, definitely leaning on picking blue cheese for my next grow. and yeah, i'll probably have to hit craigslist up for a connect when I first get there though... its like 280 an o in Iowa right?
  10. Nice, you come into our forums to tell us how intoxicated you are. Good work.
  11. Our?
    It's mine.
    I called dibs. I even searched all 18,835,000 posts. I was the first to call dibs on the entire GC site. Those are the unwritten rules.
    Get out. 
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    Taking it from you then.  :metal:
    P.S I only liked post because of your avatar
  13. Yea . So you're drunk huh? Haha good times.. Ohhh you're high as well? Well splendid!

    Moving is stressful, why don't you go buy yourself a pizza for being such a champ.

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  14. Hmm.. Twin city, minnesota.. 50 Tyson?

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