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yo FearandLoathing

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. yo check your pm's i asked u about dxm extraction, but while i got this thread started i was just wondering if anybody knows if i could use lemon scented ammonia, cuz thats all i could find anywhere that i'm still allowed. the only reason i've been able to think of for it not working is that if it got citric acid in it the dxm will bind to that... is this true? anybody knwo?

    edit: ok well i read the ingredients and it says

    Ingredients: soft water, ammonium hydroxide, fragrance, dyes.

    nothin bout citric acid or any kind of base for the freebase dex to bind to

  2. no
    you cant use lemon amonia. its not the same.
  3. welp i jus did some further research, and it turns out ammonium hydroxide forms when mixed with water, so that basically means this ammonia is less powerful than normal ammonia, damn, i'ma find a way to make this useable, like maybe use a desiccant or sumthin to get the water out. fuck it

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