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  1. Whats up people!

    First I'd like to explain my name, as I am not a female nor married. MRs. Charli B is the name of my Silver Leaf Bong (Will upload pics at a later stage) she is just under a metre high and i used glass dye to dye her all the colours of the rainbow.

    My stoner pseudonym is Earl Von Cannabis, I am the creator/writer of the HydroChronicles;which if you have not heard of yet, you soon will. I am from South Africa and am 20 Years old. I last smoked about 6 hours ago and still I am buzzing :D I have been proudly stoned since 2002.

    Most Real Stoners Cant Handle A Really Large, Intense Bong.

    Take the Cannabis express to no where land, and notice how your mind has vanished. Fazer Lazers in my brain, her kiss keeps me insane. Her love hits with a thud, and with a gentle kiss again, her breath is in my blood. Quietly I sit back again, and lay her on the floor, as I learnt through experience, Mary Jane & Charli B both girls, whom I do adore.​
  2. Welcome to GC :wave::smoke:

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