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Yipee! I'm "legal"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mrs. Vape, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Well, folks, after thirty plus years of this and that scary and less scary method of obtaining, my state voted in medical marijuana and I got my card. Straight to Craig's list for a licensed caregiver and wow! A nice friendly young man arrived at my house with a fabulous strain or two for me to choose from, no fear, no harrassment, nothing embarrassing or sketchy. We shook hands and that's it. He's allowed to sell me more than I'll ever need, and judging by this gorgeous potent bud he knows exactly what he's doing.

    Bye bye mailorder from Canada! Bye bye sending cash in the mail, bye-bye going to random places recommended on We Be High, bye-bye pretending to be friends with some random dealer fellow. Bye-bye carrying the stuff over the border myself. I feel so lucky to live in this state. Wish it were so in all fifty.

    Now if they just don't repeal it...
  2. Craigslist...? I'm confused how that worked out
  3. What state just wondering
  4. Craigslist? Caregiver? Elaborate
  5. Mail order??
  6. Some of your other ways of obtaining bud seem.. A little retarded lol

    And a legit caregiver isn't gunna be on Craigslist just so ya know.

  7. why can't someone legitimately advertise on craigslist?:confused:
  8. That's how they did it in Due Date when Galfinakis was getting his glaucoma medication
  9. I dont like how you said pretending to be friends with a person who hooks you up. sounds like seth rogen when hes being an asshole in pineapple express.
  10. This thread didnt deliver lol.
  11. Well, Craigslist -- is that how you're supposed to spell it? Seems to have several legitimate "caregivers" which means legal growers in this state, they have to sign up cardholders and are allowed to grow a certain number of plants per person, up to five. Back in the old days it was a way to find plain old illegal dealers and delivery services, but that got shut down. Certainly the guy I found is highly legit, gave me my first beautiful eighth for free, vaped with me.

    I guess it was retarded to use the various MOM services that deliver only in Canada, rent a box up there, and carry it over the border myself. But I'm a desperate housewife who knows zero pot smokers. Literally zero. And the quality was out of this world.

    In the old days I lived in LA and then NYC. Back then I had cannabis imbibing friends who hooked me up with dealers, and, sorry to say, those guys were not to be mistaken for pals. I've never seen the movie pineapple express and barely know who seth rogan is -- I'm in my fifties, and not "with it". An RN, and a bookish librarian type, that's me.

    But, without a doubt, a seasoned toker, and just giving a shout out to finally being legal. No more hassles to obtain the beautiful herb that I love so much. Can't f-ing believe it.

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