Yikes, my homegrown tastes like shit

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  1. Guys I made terrible noob mistake on this last grow. It was my first organic grow things started off good but then went downhill in the end. I ended up starving her with nutes at beginning of flower then tried to catch her up with a ewc tea every watering, right up until chop. BIG mistake, now bud tastes like complete ass, it even leaves a shity aftertaste in your mouth. It was not very noticble right away but now they are 2 weeks in cure and it must have brought out the shitty taste. My harvest weight sucked, so I guess it's not a huge loss but damn, this sucks none the less. Will this stuff be good for edibles or will it make that taste like dirt too? I now have about 2 zips of good looking weed that I am tempted to throw away, is there any way I can make it taste better smoked?
  2. hash it up. qwiso is your friend :hippie: :bongin: :hippie: :bongin:
  3. The Answer has the right idea^^^^^^^^
  4. can u still taste it if you vaped it?
  5. I have a vape and honestly I'm to scared to try man. I've never maid hash, what would be the best rought to do so with bad tasteing weed
  6. yikes. IME hash tastes like the bud it comes from at least somewhat. id say make hash, but make it as pure as possible. maybe make bubbles hash then make QWISO or BHO out of that. thats something ive been thinking of doing.
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    it's the plant matter that is causing the bad taste i believe. hash is a collection of trichomes so no bad flavor, just pure thc.
    try a batch and see what you think.
  8. what???? dont give advice just for the sake of having something to say. your comment makes no sense. sorry
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    op i think if you make qwiso the iso might extract other things from the plant matter that would effect the taste. so yeah i think you should do bubble then qwiso out of that. reason being the bubble would still have a decent amount of plant matter in it that could effect the taste.
    qwiso is the easiest for beginners though. (i am a beginner too with hash too.)
  10. it does, you just don't understand. see my second comment that explains better
  11. qwiso and bubble are two different types of extraction methods. why would you do one, then the other?
  12. Do a water wash/cure it will remove much of the taste.Mj
  13. While this is unfortunate, I also find it interesting. I have seen buds come out tasting bad from spraying (neem) too late in flower, which obviously could do so just because of the physical residue on the buds themselves - that's just a gimme, but I have never had buds come out tasting bad from the medium or a tea itself; let's say through vascular intake - and especially not with something "gentle" like worm castings.

    I'd really like to hear what others have to say about this? Has anyone else had similar experiences? I honestly don't believe that flavors/tastes can be transferred this way but...

  14. If it looks good and smells good, maybe turn it over for some $ and grow some more for yourself.  I'm with Jerry.... there's no way that watering the soil with earthworm "shit" makes your buds taste like shit, just like watering with molasses won't make your buds "sweet."  Did you foliar with EWC?  That could explain it.... 
  15. I'm just saying - growing tomatoes or squash in a manure pile won't make your tomatoes and squash taste like manure. Using a strong kelp meal tea won't make them taste like the ocean either.

    We're talking worm castings here. In my opinion there is a missing factor going on here.

  16. I'm sure the ewc did not cause this.OP still has some bad tasteing bud.A water cure even now will remove much of the taste from said bud.Any number of things could be the cause.( not ewc though) Mj
    how long did you allow your buds to hang and dry?
  18. in my second comment i literally answered that exact question... but here i will do it a second time.
    do you know what isopropyl alcohol is? its a solvent. do you think it only absorbs THC? no, it would most likely absorb the fertilizer this guy has in his bud along with the THC and cannabinoids... so if he just did qwiso it would probably taste a lot like the original plant. if you have made qwiso you know it tatses similiar to the bud it comes from.
    bubble hash would be better but still has a large amount of plant matter unless its extremely pure, and still then usually. thats why its often green colored. THC is not green. this is just a result of how it is made, pieces of plant matter fall through with the thc. if the weed tastes really bad then this bubble will too.
    first making bubble, then making qwiso out of that would contain less plant matter then doing either individually.
  19. " Bubble hash would be better but still has a large amount of plant matter unless its extremely pure, and still then usually. thats why its often green colored."

    Bubble hash should not be green at all. If in fact it is green then it simply wasn't made properly. Mine comes out very light tan every time. There shouldn't be any plant matter in it at all.

  20. I have something for you to try. Put some pot in a sandwich size zip and drop in a stick of "peppermint gum" still in it's sleeve. Leave it in there for a couple of weeks. I have a particular tea that I do this with and it really gives it a nice bump in flavor.

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