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  1. Assuming the yield ratings like on GHS, attitude, etc, are WET WEIGHT, yes?

    I mean, I'm reading journals by guys who obviously know what they are doing, been doing it awhile and a good yield (dry) is anything over 3oz's/plant. 5-6 and you're doing REAL good, you've put your time in.

    This sound about right?
  2. The yield on most sites is per square meter, so a 3.3x3.3 foot square of whatever herb in question, prolly in a Scrog method.
  3. I understand it's per square meter but scrogged, 3x3 is 1-2 plants so..........800grams?? Seems a little nuts to get almost 2 lbs out of a 3x3 screen but totally reasonable if you're talking wet weight
  4. I'd say thats about right dude but it does depend alot on how long you veg and which strains of course. AW has a fantastic 6oz girl on page 116 or 117 of his journal, my best has been 4oz from one girl so far. Some of the outdoor growers get yeild beyond belief!

    I grew some sativa bagseeds for my first grow and they pulled around 4oz per plant, 2 of them just over. I vegged them for months under my HPS, now I don't veg as long and only get around 1-4oz per plant but Im happy.
  5. ya the ratings, if rated for indoor (big if) would be max yield probably see of green, hydro, 1000 watts in 3x3 area.
  6. I think that sounds pretty perfect judging from noticing others

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