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YFFF In ThA HiZZouSe Roll Cizall

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. yo yo yo yo yo yall, dis tha hid hip hop version of our favorite stoner, kenny
  2. yeah man, im herre, and im still pimpin, which aint easy...
  3. Yeah i'm still here and just got some $100 bills hot off the

    DISCLAIMER....In no way am i affiliated with the forging of money or know of the activities of anyone that may be doing so, all aspects of that last statement are false and any similarities are strictly coincedental, nor do i grow marajuana in my clo.....hold on that can't go in out...Sid

  4. LOL!

    Here with biskits....!
  5. lmao... the YFFF cheese inspector is here and accounted for :)... although i may be taking a position with the bud taste test team rather soon ;)
  6. I'm kinda here..........I lost myself but I'm slowly finding my way back..........but I'm here in spirit!!!!!!!!
  7. lil POOBAH
    Beaver Lick Pastor
    Smokedome Caretaker
    Excalibur Honor Guard

    present and accounted for
  8. Boyakashah!!!!

    I is 'ere!
  9. I'm here in spirit...

    ...and a poncho.

    oooh, five hundred posts


  10. you don't wear underwear.....those are mine dear.... ;)
  11. Present and accounted for!!
  12. here, and baked..
  13. *blink.....................blink*

  14. at least it's not a carrot.....
  15. ahhh whats up?!
  16. lol talk about bringing back OLLLDDD threads :p
  17. Holy shit, dude... How'd you come across this one?

    YFFF bud taste tester present and accounted for bitches! BOOOOYAH! :D
  18. I don't think I was ever part of the YFFF's but it's cool seein this thread, and some old names :smoke:
  19. It's an open membership, lol. Never too late to join :D

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