Discussion in 'General' started by namron_420s, Mar 14, 2003.


    ype..i threw a laugh in there

    any other yFFFers out there?!
  2. my body's here..my minds a lil lost[​IMG]
  3. I'm here but my wallet's a li'l lost:D
  4. im here, and look! i found a wallet!
  5. ..and a mind too!
  6. allright nubbin, hand over the wallet! I heard I can get a pretty sweet mind off the black market..
  7. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890

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  8. lol

    just noticed ur a moderator in general namrom lol

    congrats whend that happen?
  9. it happened tonight, and thanks:D

    im the mod of a couple others too
  10. lucky bastard with your homer simpson brains and your gollum
  11. Ok Ok its was my CASH in the wallet the actual bi-fold you can keep. :)

  12. Hello YFFF here
  13. yip....i'm here as allways.......lol......Peace out.....Sid
  14. I'm back and with all of you all!!!!! And even if I'm not here in body then I'm here in spirit!!!!!!! Love all of ya'll!!!!!!!!!!
  15. have you posted us a story/update on your situation

    gawdamned its glad to see you back girl, i JUST made a thread about you a couple weeks ago

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