Yet another punk kid tried to step up

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    damn, in the same spot, different people. I'm going to try to be vague about it for security. some kids were steppin up, and i gave em a peace of my mind. I told them im crazy and not to fuck with me. Then I said f**k it and said peace, apologized to the homies who house it was(for making a scene, he had nothing to do with it)and left.Only kill for something worthwhile, like your mother or child. Anyway, Im not hanging around these people no more and im happy to be alive!:hello: I think im finally growing up. 20 years old and im growing up
  2. What? Is there another part of this story that I missed?
  3. yeah, everyone to my knowledge including me was drunk:(
  4. Oh. Well sometimes I guess it's good to be pickey about your friends.
  5. i cant tell whether your acknowledging me being choosy(stopped talking to them) or if your trying to give me advice to be choosy:confused:
  6. I'm just saying it was a good desicion not to hang out with that guy sense he or they seam to have pissed you off more than once.

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