Yet another one of my PooR waterbottle bongs.

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  1. OK! So... I am pretty sure I have perfected the waterbottle bong! I have made probably about 7 or 8 of these water bottle bongs... Each one is an improvement or modification of the last. I tried the pill bottle percolators and the fancy straw diffusers but honestly those things are interesting but are extremely ineffective. The perfect mix is about 20" tall by using two perfectly round water bottles (smart water bottles or neste ice bottles work very well). They should fit together airtight without any glue. Then find two pen peices that slide together and make a bowl out of a socket and screen. You should be all set. This is easily the best hitting Homemade I have ever used, it is clean but not flashy and it is effective.

    Pic - Yes, my desk is messy.

    Note: another main thing is figuring out the right angle to put the stem... I am really happy with the angled bowl peice in this too. AND - I need to add the PooR writing on the bottle.

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  2. Label Added.

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  3. lol nicely done.
  4. i dont see a carb on there, is the socket removable and used as a slide?
  5. Is this a or a

    This really blew my fuckin mind man... This nonamed dank is good shit.
  7. use something else for the downstem... do you really want plastic in contact with a conductor?
  8. it looks like a PooR.ashell

    lol cool ghetto.
  9. How much did you pay for it? It doesn't look like a real PooR, I think you got ripped off bro.

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