yet another new grower w/ questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by u4ic, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. looking to start growing here soon if i can convince my roomate to let me.

    the plan:
    build a box out of plywood to serve as a grow room. the box will be in our backyard and will house an undecided lighting system. grow 3-4 plants.

    the questions:
    1. how much room would a typical plant need? h x l x w

    2. on average how much would a typical plant produce? may use some nirvana seeds. how much would the top44 produce?

    3. where can i read about legal issues for my state?

    4. how cold is too cold for a plant?

    5. how long does it take before i can start the flowering process?

    i am sure i will have more later but i would appreciate any help i get.
  2. wew..lets see.

    A typical plant will usually produce 1-3 oz, depending what lighting/ferts and such you use. has info for each state about the legalities of growing/smoking.

    too could would be about 50 degrees or so, 70 - 80 are perfect degrees for a marijuana plant.

    you can begin to flower as soon as your plants are about 12 inches, they will doubl in height from the beggining to the end of flowering.

  3. yeah i knew about waiting for 12" but how long does it usually take to get that tall?

    what about how big they will grow?

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