Yet another close call for me.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sublizzie, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Ok, another adventure with my girlfriend, which now makes it 3 total encounters with the police and her.

    This was last week sometime. My girlfriend and i were chillin in my room, and she tells me she needs a ride home now, so we get in my car and start driving.

    Usually before we go to the other side of the city, i like to have a few tokes in my car out of my bong that i bring with us, so i drove on the road where my buddy and i were stopped at a checkstop with 2 ounces in a wendy's bag by my feet and got away with it, which lead to a graveyard just down the highway.

    It was pitch black out, 12 at night in the back of a graveyard when my girlfiend sees a pig driving on the highway we were just on that leads to the graveyard (we were closer to the back of the graveyard, but you can still see the highway from where we were). So naturally, being as sketchy as i am, as soon as she tells me this, i jump out of my car, bong and weed in hand, and bolt for the open field we were beside. I left my shit beside a big tree and run back to the car as fast as i can thinking that the cop has already turned into the graveyard and was looking for us.

    A couple tense minutes pass, and nothing at all happens...untill as we're in the middle of a canversation on what we're going to do, and out of the corner of her eye, stef sees tail lights which means the cop came in to the graveyard, and flipped around so he was facing out, but not moving at all. I sit there scared shit-less because im on probation and if i get busted for anything, ill end up in jail for a long time, when i finally decide to get out of the car and see what the cop is doing. stef comes with me as we start walking around the road that leads to the cop, and eventually we saw him, just sitting there not knowing that we're watching him.

    We ran back to the car, and i thoguht we were busted for sure because he was blocking the exit, so i wanted to stash my bong and weed better, but stef wouldnt let me.

    All of a sudden, the cops car starts again, i could hear and see it moving slowly. I think its coming around the road to finally bust us, so i start my engine (big mistake). well, the cop was actually heading straight out of the graveyard, and as soon as he was back on the highway, as i was driving around the road, my headlights shine right on him and he shuts off every light in his car (including the headlights) and pulls over.

    I get to the exit of the graveyard and turn left, the opposite of the way he turned, but i had to pull into the trailer park that was right there because if i went any further, i would be going out of town, so i flip a shitty in the trailer park and get back on the highway, and as i was coming back into town i saw that the cop was not waiting or anything, he just drove away.

    A few minutes later i see this Police van had someone pulled over and just behind the van, another cruiser pulled up behind the van to assist in the searching of the vehicle, so i put 2 and 2 together and figured out it was the cop that was in the graveyard. Knowing that the cops were occupied, i booked ass in my car with stef back to the graveyard and picked up my bong and weed that i stashed by the tree. We get out of the graveyard, pass the 2 cops again and we were free.

    There are a few things i dont understand about what happened that night, like why the hell didnt the cop simply drive around the graveyard to find me? why was he just sitting there not moving? Im pretty sure that no one called the cops on us, cause if they did we would have been busted for sure. another things is, even if he was just doing a routine stop in at the graveyard, as he was leaving and saw my lights in the graveyard, why didnt he just turn around and chase me?

    Ah fuck it, who cares, i got away. thats all that matters.
  2. hoooooly shit
  3. your a lucky careful though it sucks to get busted especially if you run into a dickhead cop.......smoke trees......
  4. maybe he was just setting up a speedtrap
  5. i would never smoke in a graveyard too scary for me..
  6. lol he was probly just taking a little puffing break saw you with the bong and debated with himslef whether to smoke with ya or not but he decided not to cuz then you could turn him in to the station and hed get fired
  7. I always smoke in this golf course and right next to it is a horse barn. one time we had this chick who had the keys to one of the trailors and we hotboxed it and as i was in my car about to turn on the engine when a cop rolls by. so i wait till he turns around and heads to the streeet but instead, he pulls over to the side. i then start my car and as i am leaving the cop (probably thinking he fooled me or something) pulls out right when i pass him. he follows me for a while but i kepts turning and eventually he was gone.

    i bet the cop was waiting for you to pass him so he could follow you and see if you are driving all funky.
  8. He probably thought you were some freaky ass goth kid, who likes to hang out in Graveyards, and didn't want to have to deal with you!

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