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  1. Ok my bike got stolen 2 weeks ago my Specilized P2 thought it was gone, well found out my "friend" had it the whole time...

    Well they wouldn't let me get it so sadly I broke my thing "i'll get it myself"

    got the cops to get it just for the shits and kicks :D.

    So time to ride my Specilized P2 :yay:

    Edit: Hate me for this pointless thread but I'm pretty stoked.
  2. Are there actually threads with a point on this
  3. Sorry dude I can't take this thread seriously because I imagined Butt-head from Beavis and Butt-head when he says "Yes!" and so I just read the whole thread in his voice.
  4. What a dick. Just be careful though, calling the cops on people will normally come back to bite you in the ass, hard. Meanwhile, have fun on the bike :cool:
  5. Nice, glad to see a positive thread coming from you man, hope your doing good
  6. Yes it is a good day for me.


    Minus some bitch walkin out on me.
  7. hoes will be hoes amigo.
  8. Whatever got to ride her for a few days...

    Bitch couldn't go 5 minutes without phoning up another dude..

    STD free and no baby.
  9. sounds like you came out on top in this one... hehe giggity
  10. Well, I'm certainly glad you got your property back. That was lucky for you, dude. So Have a party:

    Do some bong rips::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:

    Listen to some metal.:metal::metal:

    And Relax...:hippie::hippie::hippie:

    Really man, Congratulations!


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