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  1. so heres how it works! i ask a yes or no question and then the next person to reply answers the question and asks there own question to the next person! i think we can get it rolling!..
    Have you ever smoked weed while having an orgasm? 

  2. yes. since we are on the topic of orgasms, have you ever reached a simultaneous orgasm with your partner?
  3. yes, do you like GC`s new layout?
  4. it's alright, yes
    did you ever masturbate in the shower while your girlfriend choked you?
  5. Nope
    Creeped out by where this thread is going?
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    Nope. This could be an astounding success! Err.. suck sex

    Ever done rape play?
  7. Yes. A lot of fun!
    (Consenting adults, safe word, etc.)

    Have you ever killed a thread just by posting in it?
  8. Nah!
    Have you ever ripped one in a public library?
  9. Yes but only silent ones, have you ever cursed out a cop.
  10. Yes i have. I got caught racing and i was pretty livid. I totally fucked with him though told him i was going 1 mph below the limit for reckless driving and he didn't radar me so he had to give me innatentive driving instead :p.
    Have you ever been discriminated against?
  11. Yes i have

    Have you ever talked to a cop stoned?
  12. Yes, more than once. 
    Have you ever got so drunk you blacked out?
  13. No
    Have you ever smoked so much weed you passed out?
  14. Yes

    Are you high?
  15. No
    you even lift bro?
  16. Yeah bro I'm starting to get into it bro

    Do you have chicken legs ( skinny legs)
  17. Yep lol. Skinny white man thighs.

    Is next poster obese?

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  18. Nope. I weigh around 150

    You gettin drunk tonight?
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  20. Fuck that ours was better anyway

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