yes, ive cried like a little girl

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  1. foop sent me an interesting message on this new "grasspace" layout,

    so i made this thread.

    crying is a cathartic experience,

    and these movies shook me to the bone:

    homeward bound

    remember the titans

    old yeller

    radio (damn you cuba gooding)

    i am sam (saddest movie EVER)

    if you can watch i am sam and not boo-hoo then you are not human.

    so what movies made you cry like a little girl?
  2. Forrest Gump & E.T.
  3. God, it can be such a long list...

    Serenity (especially if really really high)

    Friday Night Lights (gets me a little misty eyed)

    Armageddon (I remember crying in the theater as a kid, but who the hell didn't)

    The Beach (I watched it once on Mushrooms, and now everytime I watch it, I can't help but have tears of awkward joy at the end)

    Y Tu Mama Tambien (gets me everytime)

    The Seven Samurai (When Mifune's character valiantly sacrifices himself... god damn).
  4. I've cried once while watching I am Sam, it reminded me of my aunt, she was an agent Orange baby who has the thought process of a 9 year old, but the determination just like Sam.
  5. never cried over a movie they just dont hit me emotionally but i will admit to crying like a baby when i had to put my dog to sleep not that long ago
  6. i cried like a baby to the movie Taegugki (brotherhood of war)
  7. The Green Mile

  8. One flew over the cuckoos nest.

    The ending had me crying.
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    "the green mile"

    "interview with a vampire"

    "the notebook"

    every war or historic or a nasa theme movie ive seen was followed by tears... everyy one...i even cried over "independance day"...
  10. "Brians Song"

    "A Time To Kill"
  11. The Bucket List and Homeward Bound are the only two I can recall.
  12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    I loved Homeward Bound when I was a kid but I don't recall it making me cry.
  13. Thelma and Louis

    Gladiator (made me cry the first time around, not so much any other times)

    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (I fucking balled during a certain scene of this movie, I think I was rolling my face off though.... that still count?)
  14. Oh and how could I forget?

    I wept like a little fucking schoolgirl when I saw Return of the Jedi in theaters (the 1997 re-release)

    At the end when they were burning Vader's body... I just let loose. Such a dark villain who finds his heart and redems himself and the galaxy. Sacrifices his own corrupt and twisted life to save that of his son and the rest of the galaxy.... It really gets to you man.
  15. When I was younger I cried watching "The Fox and the Hound" too. Haha. Disney movies :smoking:

  16. shit i remember watching i am sam when i was really little and trying not to cry
  17. blow, a beautiful mind

    tearjerker parts: truman show, cast away
  18. 4 me, august rush cuz i felt good 4 that musical beast, and radio when they started treating him better. i guess i cry like a lil bitch at the happy parts....strange
  19. House of Sand and Fog ..I will never forgive my old lady for making me watch that one!
  20. The Shawshank Redemption, damn you brooksie.. :(:(

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