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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. well guys ive been low and dry for a week now. everyone around town has been dry latley. i have been budless for a week aginst my own will :(.

    well today my number 1 guy was suppsoed to re-up. well he called me and told me he just got 3oz's of some wicked nice KB's. thus guy is a VERY good dealer. his bags always weigh .5 grams more then you pay for and he prices it according to how dank HE thinks it is. he told me this is almost headies but he cant call it headies because he was told it was very high mids.

    soo this means im picking up 1/4 of some dank ass KB tomarrow morn before school for $85. im sooo excited cuz i have this date-ish thing happening and i know she smokes :smoke:. im SOOO excited! ill post some pics up tomarrow when i get it.

    but tonight my buzz = 80 proof tripple distiled smirnoff vodka that my best bro gave me for free since i helped him out.
  2. That's ill, I just found an extra ten bucks and decided to buy a small bag off my friend for the night before he goes to New York for the weekend. I got it a wicked good deal since he had to get ride of this bud before tomorrow :hello: .
  3. Nice man! sounds good Ill look for the pics tomorow, its still really dry around here and im down to about a gram myself duno what im gona do :(

    On the pluss side I finally found a zong style bong :D
  4. zongs are awsome. i wish they still made bongs. but zong knock offs are still sick
  5. well its 9:12 EST and i can offically say im drunk. well on AIM ive already spilled my guts to a few people... at this point i wish i was high and not drunk. im not compainging though cuz u feel damn good. i cant deny that.

    so wait.. what am i complainging about again? haha........ god dmanit i love smirnoff vodka.. i only killed 1/4 of the bottle to feel like this. SWEET!
  6. you should buy the whole 3 ounces. :smoking: :D
  7. i would if i wasnt compaining about how broke i was.... haha
  8. picked it up today. just another reason why not to judge bud by looks alone. it looks a bit leafy and a tad stemmy (i could tell he doesnt remove stems... never has really...) and doesnt look like typical dank. smells grassy but smoked soo well.. i smoked a bowl on the way home from work at 3:30 and still got a good nice mellow high going. im about to head to big y to grab some dinner supplys and im gonna hit another one. if i get really bored i still have 2/3 a bottle of vodka :hello:


    i dont think the cell camera really do justice :rolleyes:
  9. Dope pickup man. Luck with the girl, too.

    If quarters are $85 in Mass, what's a cut cost?
  10. ehh she blew me off... i sorta saw it coming.

    i usually get quarters for 55 or 65... not as good though. this stuff aint too bad
  11. god damn last night i was CAKED! i smoked 1 bowl on the way home at 3:30, smoked one at 7ish and another at 8:30.... by 9 i was sooo baked. a bit of an onset though. it was weird. ive always smoked and had instant effects.

    i just blazed another bowl 10 mins ago after my shower. kinda wamke n' banke but i showered first.

    i <3 ganj
  12. Pot is aswesome.

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