Yes, another stupid CFL question...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FrankTheFarmer, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I know there is a ton of info about CFL grows and all that but I cannot find anything that answers what I need to know. I have been growing with 4' shop lights 6500k with the blue spectrum but now I am switching to the compacts because they are a little more practical for a grow in a smaller space. Well I picked up a few 2 packs of the 6500k bulbs in the blue package like I expected they would be in, but when I get home they are 6500k but dont have the blue spectrum like my shop lights. Are these fine to use alone? I have seen some pictures on here of CFLs that look like they have the same spectrum but it's hard to tell. Thanks.
  2. idk about the specturms, but a suggestion...why not use the 4' lights and the cfls?
  3. I plan on doing that once I get my 4x4 tent in the next week or two but for right now while i only have seedlings it would be easier to grow them out a little in a smaller grow box.
  4. If the package says 6500k then they are fine.

  5. not exactly true, i bought a pack at walmart and they were actually 2700k bulbs. had to return them, someone either switched them out or factory misspackaged.
  6. Y you take them back you need the 2700k as well?
  7. Well if the package says 6500k, then the bulbs inside should certainly be 6500k.

    ...And if the package looked as if it was opened...don't be dumb and buy it.

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