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  1. I am typing this in a medium sized amount of pain- I was doing leg raises in my room (I do a fair bit of martial arts in my spare time and I was training) Anyways I tried to do them in these new socks of mine... NOT A GOOD IDEA AS THEY ARE SLIPPY AS FUCK- which is ok on carpet usually- not with these babies on my feet!!!

    See picture below (NB The picture doesn't do me justice):
    1- About to perform movement
    2- Back leg comes up for first part of maenouver
    3- Back leg starts to reach it's highest point
    4- Leg on floor starts to slip forwards and
    5- Joins the other leg in mid air- Leaving me to fall back first onto the floor- see facial expression to see what I am feeling about this at the time...

    I landed on my wrist and I can't do anything that involves my arms to heavily now :-(

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  2. ouch....painfull eh?.....can you still move your wrist or is completely useless?.......Peace out......Sid
  3. I can move it but it does tend to twinge- luckily my arse took most of the impact...
  4. thank god for the graphics. I had *no* idea what it was you were rambling about

    :) lol, you should get those crummy hospital socks, they got the grip.

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