yellowish leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by somethingkush, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. a few plants i have are forming a few yellowish leaves.
    is this caused from too much nutrients?

    im growing a batch of trainwreck.
    what's the right heighth to switch my lighting cycles?

    opinions please.
  2. you need to tell us much more about what type of growing environment you have, what type of soil you use (if any) what size the pots are..etc...

    as for when to switch light cycles, that is up to the plant. you should wait until it is sexually mature. It also depends on what method you are using to grow your plant.

    if you give us the info we need to help, we'd be happy to.
  3. growing environment: backroom w/ proper roofing ventilation(no attic space. no ceilings. just bare wood.). i have a 6 site basic tube system. im growing in hydroton under a 400w HPS light. this is my 3rd time around. im seeing how much this forum can actually help me this time around as well.

    as for the leaves, they're looking as they should now.
    its been a month and 2 days since i planted this batch from clones.

    i need to purchase a new camera to take some pics. im sure that'd help out alot more too.

    i also just started some more clones today:
    6 blueberry
    4 purple urkle

    im growing these ones in a waterfarm system. 8-2gal buckets. 2-400w HPS lights. im sure most people are familiar with this system.

    im curious about ventilation. what kind of fans do i need or should i use? california summers aren't the coolest, and its right around the corner. this is something i should probably take care of pretty quick.
  4. so are you saying they arnt yellow anymore??
  5. yes sir. they are not yellow anymore.
    what usually causes that? too many nutes?

    must get camera.
  6. id love to sit in on your grow,,,,trainwreck is a intresting strain,,,i seen it in reefermans shit,,,,i dont know squat about no hydro. so ill be in the shadows,,,but ill be here non the less...:eek:

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