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  1. I planted 2 bag seeds of mexican brick.

    They are under 92Watts of CFL 2700k bulbs. I'm flowering from seed in a PC case.

    The tips of the rounded leafs are turning yellow on the sprout. Only one bag seed has sprouted. It is planted in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. What could be the cause?

    Also, When should I start using this compost tea that I picked up at the hydro store?

    It would be great to get a reply... It's kind of discouraging with no input! Come on guys :hello:
  2. Ok, Mexi swag huh? Yellowing usually means your pH is too high or too low. You need to test your pot runoff and your fresh water!

  3. Ocean Forest is really not the best for early growth... I actually never mix it full strength, I always cut it with 25% Light Warrior, even then, the nutrient content usually messes with my plants.... Make sure you are testing the pH of the runoff, I can almost guarantee you that unless you are feeding it with 7.0pH, then your runoff is in the 5s.... no est bueno!

    At this point, I would wait until the soil dries completely, then give it a good flushing, checking the pH of the runoff and increase it accordingly.... followed by a dose of mild nutrient... 300ppm or so total... 1ml/gal Grow Big(90ppm), 2tsp Big Bloom (80ppm) + tap water (or Ca/Mg)
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    Ok, if my pH is low, I think I will use baking soda to raise it. What should the pH be of the water I feed the plant?
  5. "normally" 6.5 in soil... but if you are using Ocean Forest without lime, you have to adjust what you are feeding your plant, according to the runoff.... shoot for a 6-6.5 runoff...
  6. Ok. I turn the lights back on in 3 hours and that is when I will do the flushing. How much water should i use to flush the plant with? The container is 16 oz.
  7. Yellowing could mean pH issue OR overnuting. I've been using fox farm for a while and I havent ever had problems with soil pH. I feed pH 5.8 water and soil pH always stays around 6.5.
  8. I have not fed plant any nutes
  9. Haven't been pHing your feed water?
  10. Not recently, but I use to have aquariums and I remember the tap pH being about neutral.
  11. If you have a RO filter, you should replace it at least every 3 months. The higher your pH or PPM of your feed water, the higher the chance your seedlings get burned somehow.
    I'm feeding 5.8 RO water to my seedlings in Ocean Forest soil and none are yellowing up...The only nute I'm using for a few weeks is Roots Excelurator by House & Garden.
  12. I'm using city tap water
  13. You're gonna want to feed your plants filtered water because tap water can contain all kinds of crap like chlorine, flouride and nasty junk. Plants don't take too kindly to that.

    Go to a fish store or a walmart and buy those cheap large bottles of filtered water. Use that to water/feed and make sure to check pH and correct it and water your plants. When feeding, add all your nutes then correct pH and then feed them. Its a good idea to test your soil runoff pH as well....6.5 will be best.
  14. I just tested my city tap water and it is 7.4-7.6. I have a brita water filter, would this work for filtering my water?
  15. I'm not sure. I use a double Reverse Osmosis system that has a sediment filter and a carbon filter and that usually leaves my water's parts per million SUPER low.

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