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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by cheymander420, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Nutrient burn.
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  2. Daaaamn and I was trying to be so careful lol

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  3. What kind of soil are you using and are you using any separate nutrients yet? If so, maybe you should lower the doses of whatever you're feeding her.
  4. I'm using this cheap soil I got for a good deal on Amazon, generic as fuck packaging but pretty nice loamy texture. I think it was called Black Gold or something. I was using miracle grow all purpose plant food but haven't used anything in like 2 weeks or so because the yellow started turning up. Didn't know if it was a deficiency or burn so I played the waiting game then eventually decided to make an account here to ask a few questions about my girls lol.

    For the record, only using the MG because I had it here. Got laid off before I finished my set up so I'm trying to keep them alive with what I have. Guess I should quit feeding for a while anyway and it was going to be another week or two before I had money to drop on better nutes so I'm gonna just toss this MG shit and wait for better supplies. Give my ladies a break for a bit

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  5. I've read mixed reviews on using Black Gold for weed, from being too hot to the eventual accumulation of mold on top of the soil during the growth. Miracle-Gro, IMHO, is even worse for growing weed. Take a poll on here and most growers would not recommend MG for growing weed lol. I understand that many new growers get anxious and want to start growing and assume any garden soil will do. Not so when we're talking about weed.
    I was going to recommend purchasing some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and transplanting her, but if you do that, then the nute burn may get worse because of the fresh nutrients Fox Farm's soil already has it it. The good thing is that nute burn is the only deficiency I'm noticing. The rest of the leaves look quite healthy. So I would agree with your last few sentences where you said you'll stop feeding her that MG shit and wait for better supplies (not from MG lol). Hopefully she won't get any worse while she's still in the MG soil.
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  6. First time grower mistakes are bound to happen lol hopefully I can at least manage to get something smokeable off her. Thanks for all your advice tho man. Much appreciated. Turns out I love growing weed, it's a nice and peaceful hobby for me so next grow will be much more professionally done

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  7. Anytime man. That's the main reason I grow as well. It relieves me from the every day stresses and just relaxes me in my own little cannabis world. And that's not even counting the smoking part lol.
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