Yellowing Tips, Not Sure What Is Wrong.

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    Like the title says, the plants are about a month old now, started Nutes a little late, and have been giving them small doses of 12-4-8 Miracle Gro every 2-3 days, they started off really nice after germination and the seedling popping up,  and then some yellowing started happening after the second set of leaves came up, the original leaves that got yellow still haven't completely died off yet, but there is a lot of yellowing happening at the tips of most of the leaves lately and I'm really concerned. 
    Oh yeah, they are Atomic Shiva, (Some sites say that it's a mix of Nothern Lights x Hash Plant x Super Skunk, but from where I bought the seeds it says Shiva x Northern Lights x Super Crystal, if it matters at all.) Using a 400W HPS Light, it's about 3-4 feet from the plant because it burns quite hot, but I noticed that most people have their lights quite a bit lower than that, could that be an issue? Oh, and an Indoor grow (If the pictures didn't give that away, it's being done in a 4x4 tent), the temp generally stays just below 30c during light cycle, and around 25-27c during night cycle I believe, and I don't know the humidity at the moment. 

    I try to feed each plant around 200ml once a day, sometimes I go a bit over and get a little run-off, which just sits there since I don't have a way to drain the runoff (Is that a bad thing? =/ ) Also since I'm not perfect my sleep schedule has been screwed up lately because of work and so the light cycle of the plants has suffered a little bit as I don't have a relay (Or whatever it's called) to turn on and off the power to the light for me, but I've tried my best to keep them on 18 on and 6 off. 

    Hmm, if I missed anything please let me know, if you have any questions or answers please let me know, I'm dying for help as I really don't want to see these plants die :'(

    P.S Sorry for the crappy photos, no good camera,I also put 2 pictures during the night cycle 'cause the Sticky'd post said that if there was discoloration to take pics with light off, so I thought I'd do that :p

    P.P.S Thanks for reading :D


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  2. if you don't have a timer you should keep the light on 24hrs a day til u get a timer, whats the ph
  3. Oh, okay, and the soil's pH is between 6.0 and 6.5, my soil pH tester doesn't gimme an exact level.
  4. Easy on the ferts, looks like your giving them a bit too much.
  5. Alright, I'll hold off the Nutes for a little while, just regular water, and see what happens, thanks for the reply!
  6. Your very welcome.
  7. Yup, it's just barely over fertilized. I just had the same problem with my girl. See how it yellows only on the serated edges. If you look up nute burn that's how it starts. Give it plain water next go around, and ease off the nutes a little little bit for another week or two and shell be fine
  8. Ah, thank you very much! I guess we over nuted the first time, and we thought it was nute def, but I guess we've only been hurting the poor things :( I will continue with plain water for a while and give it very very small amounts of nutes
  9.  And when she gets bigger, giv'er bigger doses.
  10. Just posting to let you guys know that I'm pretty sure you were right, stopped the nuting, and the yellowing stopped, tried giving it a little nutes a couple days ago but they showed some signs of yellowing, so I'll hold out a bit longer.
    Thanks for the update.

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