Yellowing of new growth on top leaves

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  1. I have a blueberry that is about a month old. I noticed yesterday, that one half of the top leaves and new growth are very light green, not quite yellow, but it's weird-only half of the top new growth is this color. The other leaf is that nice green color that you want. The new growth comic out, that will be the next two leaves, is ala this color. What is causing this, and is it a bad thing. If so, what is causing this? If it's bad, what do I need to do to remedy this?

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  2. More info. What kind of nutrients if any? Is that MG soil?
  3. Yes, it's MG soil. I'm using Elevation
    Organics nutrients.
  4. Transplant into something else if possible, thats the MG messing with your PH.
  5. I have 3 other strains in MG soil that are doing beautifully, and I really don't want to transplant her, because I will need to wait for her to go through the shock of transplanting.

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  6. Expect more problems down the road, MG has time release nutes. You should add some perlite to that as well, you get much better growth. At 30 days plants should be much bigger.
  7. I know MG has time release nutrients. How do I add perlite to the soil, and get it mixed in thoroughly, without damaging the roots?
  8. Highly recommend transplanting in non-MG soil! Time released does not line up with cannabis life cycle.

    Your soil is definitely the reason of this lockout.
  9. What soil would you recommend?
  10. What soil would you recommend?
  11. What soil would you recommend?

  12. If transplant scare you don't look at root pruning! On the back of that bag of MG you will notice it says "DO NOT USE IN CONTAINERS!@#!!@#!@#" They won't tell you why, but yeah it's because it becomes compact needs perlite. I noticed this when I bought a bag for some veggies.

    If you are worried on transplanting well you are going to be in shock your self what others will tell you later on :p

    Want to avoid stress add some great white micros or something to the roots. But either way you can be gental and have small minor shock. But it's a weed(not the drug) it's really a weed. You can hack that thing in half, spit on it and it will still love you and grow.

    Get some Promix or happyfrog/ocean forest. Depends the route you want to go. MG very very high in Nitrogen and that can hurt your roots more then a simple transplant.
  13. I have a question. Walmart sells a potting soil mix that is 100% organic, and has worm castings mixed in it. It's relatively inexpensive, but when I felt it through the bag, it felt very compact. Could I get this soil, and add perlite to it, and it would be a good grow medium? How much perlite worn I need to add, to let the roots get more oxygen? All of my containers-I drill 1" holes all down the sides, bottom, so it looks like a machine gun shot it-lol! That way, I can really soak it good, without worrying about root rot. It does require more frequent watering and adding nutrients, but from actual experience with doing this.( and I use 15 gal containers) when I harvest, I always like to take the cut off stalk, and examined the roots. Last fall, I did this, and the roots were the exact shape as the 15 gal container. Please advise.
  14. Walmart also sells Promix think it's sunshine. You can buy normal soil and add perlite to it. I like 25-30% perlite.

    What you have is something called root bound. The roots reach the end of the pot, then they just circle around(roots eat the dirt eww) If you use an air pot or cloth pot you won't get this issue. Like I said above with "root pruning" it falls into this group. Root reaches the end of the pot, gets air in it's face and dies. That root splits into two roots and it goes and goes. So if you want to try and resolve that issue grab some cloth or air pots. Or smart pots.
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  15. I'm going to go ahead and transplant my girls. If I'm going to grow, why not get the best possible results possible. The only thing is that I have already added a lot of the Elevation Organics nutrients to the MG soil. Oh well. I still have some Essential Gold Calcium/Magnesium supplement, 16oz of Bloom(2-5-2, which seems really low in phosphorous for the flowering stage), 16oz of Humic Acid, and 8oz of Yucca Extract Soil Conditioner/Wetting Agent. I als still have a pack of dry Rose and Flower 3-10-3(12oz). I still have a little bit of Grow 4-2-3. I need to get more nutrients, and want to know what you would suggest. This is my first season using organic nutrients. I think I need to get something with a lot more nitrogen, like 20-20-20, at first. You said too much nitrogen is bad for root development. The root bound thing-that's going to happen, whether I use a cloth or air pot, or any container, because the roots can't grow any bigger than the container. I use 15 gal containers, and that's plenty big enough for a good size plant. What I was trying to say about the roots being the shape of the container, was that they had a very healthy root system. The only way to avoid plants getting root bound, is to plant them in the ground. I have worked for greenhouses and nurseries since I was in high school. I own my own landscaping businesses, and know quite a bit about botany. I am going to take your advice about transplanting into different soil. This is my 9th season growing, and each season, I learn something new, and every season gets better and better. I just don't think that organic nutrients ,at least for vegatative growth, is going to do what a nutrient, such as Peters, Schulz, will do. If I'm wrong, please tell me, but it's been my experience, that you need a lot of nitrogen for vegatative growth. If you have any advice, please, help. A friend in green, is a friend indeed.

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