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  1. I have assisted in maintaining MJ plants before while living with my roomate, but now that I live alone, I decided to try things myself.

    Almost 2 and a half weeks into growing and my plants are 10-12 inches tall, my biggest plant showing 5 leaf rungs, 3 of them bearing 7's. I believe my plants are doing fairly well for my first time, but recently, the tips of all my leaves are yellowing and browning. The outside of the leaves are slowly discoloring to a yellow and browning. I'm using 3 florecsent lights that allow 1300 or 1600 (I forgot) lumins each. I also cant seem to keep the humidity over 55, althought I consitantly spray the leaves with pure carbonated water.

    I do have gnats, which I am preparing to deal with...

    I dont know why my lower leaves seem to be dying. I Thought it might be nutrient poisoning or too much water, but I replanted into new soil. The root system was extremely filled out and healthy.

    Any suggestions on what I might do?

    (edit) I forgot to add that I have 3 plants.
  2. We need more info:
    What is your soil mix, and did the soil come pre-fertilized?

    What kind of nutes -- how much, how often, starting at what age?

    Watering -- how much, how often?



    Can you post pics?
    This will go a long way to being able to provide some help.
  3. Soil is pre-fertilized

    Ph is 7

    No nutes yet - only 3 weeks old.

    Can post pictures later - Update on my plants however...Instead of yellowing, one of my 5's main leaf showed several small brown spots near the outside of the leaf. The leaf showed healthy still till I sprayed them to increase humidity. When the water droplets dried up the part of the brown spotted leaf shriveled up.

    a total of 4 leaves are begining to die, the browning seeming to work its way upward. The other plants are yellowing similarly but not nearly as bad nor as fast. Is my plant a lost cause?
  4. I don't think your plants are getting enough light. 10-12'' is pretty tall for only being 2 and 1/2 weeks old... which leads me to believe they are stretching a lot due to not having enough light, which could also be the reason the lower leaves are dying off... They are simply not getting the light they need. I'm pretty sure this is your problem, what's your light set up?
  5. It's not the amount of light. Theres roughly 2000 florescent lumins per square foot. The plants are VERY bushy, about 15 leaves on each. Fast growing strain I believe. Oh and average temperature is about 82
  6. Could be they got ferts too early, though my guess is that would have showed as a problem earlier than now. Still haven't ruled out watering and/or temp issues.

    No way we can tell you from here if it's salvagable. We can't see the damage and don't know what's wrong.
  7. Being that your plants are almost 2.5 weeks old, you are using pre-fertilized soil and already seeing yellowing at the bottoms, my vote is that they are yellowing from fert burn.

    P.S. If your average temp is 82, what does your high temp reach?
  8. Going to upload pictures.

    Temp never goes past 90.

    I believe the plant is salvagable.

    Only the bottom '1' leaves are pretty much dead. The first 2 '3' leaves are only partially browned and dried. and only 1 of my '5' leaves are yellowing. The rest are doing fine.

    I doused the soil with running water to part the roots from the soil. I replanted in fresh, natural soil and plan to add minimum nutrients in a few days. I also moved the plants closer to the light since they were about 7 inches away from my light source.

    I got rid of the gnats.

    Hopefully my plants are doing okay. Pit Sprouts are starting to grow on each plant at each leaf level and they are doing very nice and growing faster than I could have expected.

    My next batch of plants will be a success! - Will post pictures in case the issue continues.

    This being my experimental batch, Im not awfully worried about the outcome of my yield, but when I buy good seeds from a Sbank, I dont want to screw up. Thanks for all the help. Im glad I found a growing community worth my time.

  9. Good move. I would hold off on the nutes for a little while though. Other than that, I would say that your quick actions of transplanting into better soil has saved your babies and I agree that they should live. Oh and yes, CFL's should be 3 inches from the plants.
  10. Now that I've calmed down and realized my plants are going to be okay, I realize that they arent horribly bad in the first place lol!. These first plants are like my newborns so Im slightly fidgety about each small problem. Here are some pictures now that I figured out how to post them. Tell me what you think for this mans first time. (note I even have a camera for dark periods so I can monitor if needed ...Can you say obsessive xD.)

    Surprise surprise.. Only 17 days away from a single seed-root sprout.

    all pictures are there.
  11. I can't believe you spy on your girls at night. LoL that is like looking up their skirts. What kind of a voyeur are you ;) Hey man I have seen worse, some of the guys on here name each of their plants :0). Boy and I thought I was the only guy on here with two much time on his hands. Sheesh, looks like I was beat out again. I just have one question; what the hell can you see when they are in the dark? Ha ha.
  12. Here's a picture of my grow during the dark cycle... =)

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  13. Ha.
    Very funny toasty, my sentiments exactly.
  14. It works great in the dark. It has night vision =P.

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