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  1. So this plant was the strongest growing one in the very beginning but as time had gone on it’s not done the best ; it’s not growing as big as the others and it seems stunted for whatever reason ; now the leaves of this girl are turning yellow; I’ve not changed anything so what could be going on ? Anyone ?

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  2. Pic and feeding chart and way more details on what you are doing
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  3. Feeding maxibloom 1tsp per gallon once a week

    Neem oil once a week

    BT once a week

    Here are the pictures [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. You aren't feeding them enough. Get a digital scale and mix your maxibloom to 7 grams per gallon. pH to 5.8 and feed them 2x per week. They'll start growing fast and dark green.
  5. And they may need to be put in larger planters. What size pots do you have? You need at least 10-15 gallons per plant to keep them healthy without it being a pain in the ass.
  6. Believe it or not this is the only plant I’m having issues with ; the rest are doing awesome with the same regimen as all the others ;

    And they are directly in the ground , no pots .

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  7. Newbie here...i have this plant has been growing super great no issues no bugs. Ive noticed that as the colas get fatter, the fan leaves get yellower! Is this normal? Didnt happen to an other plant i had. Possibly different strain. Any thoughts?

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  8. heres some pics

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