Yellowing Leaf Tips Curling Up During Flower? Help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by NiCKh08215, May 29, 2013.

  1. -Medium: ffof 60% fflw 20% perlite 20%
    -Dinafem White Widow Fem
    -Week 5 flower
    -150watt hps + 3 23w veg cfls
    -Water about every 5 days with tap water that's constantly oxygenated in a 6gal water jug
    -Water heavily with plain water until about 50% runoff, then water with 1gal of my technaflora starter kit flower formula at halfstrength one watering then full strength the next so ats 1400 ppm one watering and about 700 the next
    -Temp stays about 80 ish and rH is about 50%
    -5gal bucket with NO bugs. My room has 7dust on the floor to keep bugs out, and I check my leaves and buds under a microscope at least 3 times a week

    Ok so I'm seeing leaf tips yellowing and curling up. At first I thought it was heat stress because my light is only about 5 inches from my tallest nugs (no room to move the light higher), but I have a 10" fan blowing right across the top of the canopy. And on top of that, the yellowing and curling up isn't restricted to the top of the canopy. Its rlly on all the bigger fan leaves that are halfway down the plant and everything above. Is this normal for this late in flower? Here's a pic, I appreciate any help!

    You can see curling and yellowing of some leaves in the background too!
  2. Without a accurate ph run-off measurement, it'll be difficult to get at your issue.
  3. And that's the only thing I don't have measured, do I figured everyOnes gonna tell me it's a pH problem, but why would it wait until now to manifest this late in flower?

    I know leaves will start to turn yellow towards the end of flower, but the curling leaves is what's baffling me. Anyone else have any experience with this problem?
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    Your logic on PH is right on. Your picture shows classic signs of too much nutes. You shouldn't give nutes every time, but you seem to flush real good with every feeding so that's good. 
    When it's heat stress from lights too close it usually look more saw toothed then leaf curl or taco'ing. Leaf curl or tacoing point more to too much nutes. 
    They don't look that bad. There not burned yet. I would flush with water only to correct the problem fast. Ease up on the nutes and only feed every other watering. With such a big container for that plant, you probably only need to feed every third watering. 
    Do not flush over and over for the sake of reading ph run off as the measurement you will get will be meaningless and you will only drowned your roots.
    I can't believe anyone with experience could look at those picture and then ask about ph.
    No one here is going to tell you to flush over, over and over again as Jackson55 troublemaker has suggested, but, if you want to know what ailing the plant then do the run-off if you want to know what the issue is, then, and only then can you be accurate about it's diagnosis and ascertain the deficit... you still have 5 weeks of flower.
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    I'm not a trouble maker. 
    You don't need to measure runoff to know the problem.. You just have to look at the pictures.
    Also he is feeding every time. look at the tops in the back  ground. They are all taco's and curled.
    It's too much nutes. Flush and then  go back to what you were doing but with less nutes. You have come this far. You must be doing something right.
  7. Your a fool, and yes your more than a trouble maker, so we'll get into that later. First you tell this op that you don't need to measure run-off but then you say flush, what kind of engineering idiot are you? When you flush you measure run-off, give me a break.
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    You have to flush to get rid of the excess nutes. The run off is irrelevant. You always have to flush regularly at this phase. Who care what comes out. You place so much importance on what comes out. I have never in my  life heard of someone so obsessed with the ph of dirty water.
    if some one flushes with one gallon they will get one reading. If they flush with two gallons then they will have another, and so on, and so on. Your experiments could never give a meaningfull number.
    You have nothing to say about what i said about your process. What part of what i said about you ph experiments do you disagree with. Or can you only call names.
    Do you know what nut burn looks like. If not then look at all the tops in the first post in this thread. Then in the future you will know what it looks like.
    You puke me out, know you not that ph run-off is checked immediately, at the root zone when no more than half a quart runs through, that way you learn, different deficits and how to regulate your ph properly. What part of this do you not understand, engineer?   :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    He needs to run enough water to wash away the excess nutes. That's all that matters. You have the same advise to every one. If you have a problem then dump water on it and measure the water ph. There are so many problems that beginners have to deal with, that your not doing them any favors by getting them to believe this is so important. Even when the picture clearly show this is not a ph problem. PPM is
  11. Well if it is nute burn it's very minor, so I'll give it a heavy plain watering and see how she responds. I'm highly doubting its pH because I would have had a problem prior to this. I've been feeding heavy for flowering so it's make sense that's the cause of my problems
  12. My water here is around 8ph when i flush. I flush with 2 gallons of tap then 2 gallons of plain ph,ed water at around 6.5 and then finnaly one more gallon with calmag+light FF nutes. I flush onegollon at a time with 2min intervals

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    It goes without saying that water needs to be run through to wash away excess nutes, that's not all that matters, some noob's want to learn more, where you seemingly want to keep them in ignorance of how to actually rectify their issue through correction, and it is indeed a ph issue, ph has lowered drastically, and ph run-off reveals the path toward correction and reveals which nutrients are slipping or locked out, deficits and nutrients correction come to light through ph run-off. Some folks simply want to know more than your simple-minded approach, so keep'em noobs, Jackson55, and you're still a joke, and quite pathetic, I might add.
    I disagree, he needs to learn, you don't offer much help.
  15. Right I came on here for pre advice to see the issue and be able to spot its and use the advice given to cure my plants. All I see is an argument over who wants to be right. Can you both not club together and give this guys some sound advice before its to late for his babies

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

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    Sure it makes sense, but some folks what to know more, at least a few don't want to keep coming here, they would rather learn about ph and which nutrients are lacking from the symptoms the plants express.
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    I agree it is minor problem of too much nutes. Burn is probably the wrong word because it is minor, but you do need to flush or just use water for a while or both. 
    I believe my advise is good. He as said twice in this thread that he doesn't think it's a ph problem. I think you are not giving him enough credit. 
  18. Really there's no need to argue. I dont have money for a pH pen and the pH strips are bullshit and I refuse to mess with my Waters pH based on a litmus test. Therefore if it is a pH problem its most likely the pH being to low from all the excess nutes, meaning the solution would be to flush with plain water with a more ideal pH. Thus meaning regardless of who's correct as to WHY my plants acting the way it is, you both agree to the solution. Soooo argument over, problem HOPEFULLY solved, I'll bump the thread in a few days after I see some results. I just used about 2-3 gallons to leech my soil very slowly over like 15 min so hopefully Ill see the problem correct itself soon
  19. ph strips really aren't bullshit like you say. they are pretty effin accurate. tons better than any cheap ph meter. strips can give you a very accurate idea of the run off ph. all for 2$ or less.

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