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  1. Hey guys, I am on my first grow, I started her the first of last month, so its been a month and almost 2 weeks now. I had noticed that I had my LED a bit too close for the plant. I had it about 18 cm away from the plant, when I actually should have it about 18 inches away. I fixed that today. I have a feeling that my soil is not draining properly, one time I had put about 1 and a half gallons of water into her, and there was no run off. Is this normal if its in a big bucket? I have some pictures to show everyone, also with another question, some of my leaves at the bottom are starting to yellow around the edges and also there are few leaves that dont look so good (dinky).

    I havnt fed it any nutrients thats just because i dont have any. I should have some just in time for me to switch the lights to 12/12

    IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0294.JPG IMG_0296.JPG IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0298.JPG IMG_0299.JPG
  2. Looks like it's getting too much water to me, i'm no pro but i'd look into that drainage issue regardless. My 5 gallon nursery containers had runoff with a liter and a half.
  3. right now im only giving it water maybe every 3 days, just enough to make all the soil on top wet.
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    i wouldn't wet the top untill it's dry at least a couple inches down or even just let it go without until it shows sings of thirst. My guess is if it's got too much water as it dries out you'll see it perk up but like i say i'm no pro i could be wrong.
  5. hey PNW i just checked out your log, you have a nice video there, im jealous :p
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  6. How's your ph? Everything where it should be? And do yourself a favor. Get a smart pot fabric pot for next time. Really helps with drainage and root health. And your veg stage could really benefit from some nutes especially at 6 wks and depending on what soil you started with.

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  7. I have not checked the PH since the beginning of grow, i dont have a ph meter. it is my first time growing, i was short on funds, its really the main reason why i started to grow. Im not expecting anything to come from this but that being said, I dont want to just ignore the plant if im not expecting anything. I will be ordering some nutes tonight through amazon prime, ill be getting the foxfarms trio. gotta love amazon prime :p

    Now I know im probably gonna get some heat for using "hot" soil, Im using this potting soil from Schultz. it does have nutes in it already. I dont know exactly whats in the soil, but ill go to the place where i got it and snap a picture of the bag.

    So things to do for my next grow: Get some smart pots, get a ph meter, Im wanting to buy a grow tent and some ducts/fans for some intake and exhaust, but ill have to see how much $ will come from this. Anything else you think im missing?
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  8. Root stim and multizyme a must for good root healt etc. Look after ya roots ba
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  9. Yeah. I use root guard. Makes a huge difference. Allows for occasional new grower overwatering.

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  10. Exhaust fan is good but also think about a little desk fan to blow through the canopy. Keeps the plants strong and keeps critters from landing on the leaves.

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