Yellowing/browning on fan leaves.. Help!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Cindy99jc, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hey guys and girls I have a Dinafem OG kush fem plant going right now and I am in week 3 and a half from seed.. I started noticing this yellowing and brownish shit only on my fan leaves .. I feed them only once a week with aurora amino aide nutes and my medium is fox farm ocean forest.. My thoughts is nute burn or light burn (600 watt hps ) my light is always about two and half feet from tops of plants .
  2. Photo? WAG, over watered.
  3. Hi cant be light burn if 600above two plus feet away. I av mine at 1.5feet away but fans on so no burn. If is burn u need a fan bliwing on plant tops to cool em but alway make em stronger. At 2,5feet away ya wasting a lot of lumins from plant. I think only about a quater is been given in lumins at yr heigh.. there shud be a chart on ere are google it love. Ya will see wat i mean. Anyway . Gettung off subget... yeh send a pic love x
  4. edit ... ment lumins wasted from ya lite lol... not plant xxx

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