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  1. Hey guys, does anyone have any idea about whats going on here? I havn't been feeding any nutes yet just some root enzyme stuff here and there. it's been in flower for nearly a week now with this occuring over the past 3/4 days..

    please help this is my first baby!

    It starts like this... Most of the leaves are now effected except the few top nodes

    Worse areas like this...

    Its in a perlite soil mix and gets feeds of water pretty much everyday now with a ph between 6.3 and 6.6 I usually aim for 6.5
  2. You shouldnt be watering everyday...

    You want to let the soil dryout a bit so that the roots get the O2 that they need. Water your plant till about 25% of the water you put in drains out of your pot, I like to give it half the water then wait 15 minutes and give it the rest ( so you dont get dry areas of soil)

    You dont want to water again untill the top 2" of soil are dry and your pot feels light.

  3. Well said dude.
  4. thats when i water, when the top 2 inches or so are dry... which is nearly every day or at least every other day

    It doesn't matter anymore, the plant looks like its a male anyways

  5. Interesting, How can you tell its a Male, looking Only at leaf pics.
  6. looks like they could use some epson salt that should help the cal mag diff
  7. Honestly, the top 2 inches of soil method is not an accurate way to determine if your soil is dry. Remember that deep within your soil you'll still have moisture and the amount can be deceiving when you look at the top layer of soil looking bone dry. The best way I think is by weight. But they're right not to water everyday in a soil grow. But if it's a male anyway then....
  8. I observe the droopiness of leaves and the top few inches of soil and weight yes.

    Ive been told it is most likely a magnesium deficiency.

    But none of this matters as upon re checking the buds it turns out its a male. No signs of a single pistil anywhere :(

    Just placed 2 feminised seeds into water to germ

    blueberry and master kush :)

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