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Yellowing bottom leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by NothingButDANK, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Using several lights I don't think they are a actual 100 watt but there is a cool white, warm white and a day light bulb. The plant is in a buble bucket (got the plans from this site) and is in grow box with the humididty being 40% and heat 90 degrees. The plant is a White Dwarf and we are using the hydroponics Flora series grow (Micro Grow and Bloom). The plant is on a 18-6 light schedule and the Ph level is 6.8. I was looking on the site and I was thinking this may be due to Magnesuim but I am not totally sure.

    The problem is 2 leafs are curling upward and the lower leafs are turning yellow and brown drying up.

    Here she is...


  2. hey there im not expert on hydro but ive started using a bubble bucket alil while ago, id say ur PH is to high, for hydro its 5.5-6.5 i think, i keep my buket at a constant 5.7 & my plant is growing at the speed of light!

    also in ur pictures it looks like ur clay pebbles, rockwool & netpot are totally soaking & sitting in water?
  3. To me in that top pic your lights look too close unless they're CFL's. Also 90 is a little hot. try to keep it between 65-85 for best results. Room temp is a really good option. Try moving the lights further away if you can the leaves can curl based on heat.
  4. Why is the pot filled with water?
  5. the rock wool is a couple of MM about the water line the PH level is alwasy around 6.5 to 7 and temp around 80-90 degrees there are only 1 leafs on the plant that are curling and its only 1 finger on the leafs that are curling roots look good still though all the other leafs are good and the plant is still growing good and the bulbs are cfl and the bulb is around 7 to 10 inch away from the plant
  6. dont know m8? ask OP lol
  7. OP im not sure on what kind of bubble buket ur doing but ur rockwool & clay pebbles aint ment to be sitting in water, the wole point of the clay pebbles in a BB is that they are constantly just being hit by the Bubbles bursting under it keeping the pebbles wet & they then work as a 'wick' keeping the rockwool damp but not wet, are ur roots growing out of the bottom or ur net pot yet?

    also ur PH is off thats for soil growing, for hydropoinics you need it 5.5-6.0, plus if ur using CFL's at 7 to 10 inches way they have barely any penertration, CFL's need to be placed within a few inches for them to work
  8. it was the temp i dropped it down to around 70-75 and they started to uncurl and the ph to 6.5 although the bottom leafs are still getting more yellow :mad: the top leafs look al lil better
  9. Once leaves are damaged past a certain point, they typically will die and never recover. Look to the new growth for healthy green and if it is, then you're on your way to good times.

    Also some of the pics look like there's algae...I'd watch out for that. Typically light isn't supposed to get near the water source because it will promote algae growth and algae I presume draws nutrients and oxygen out of the water. So take care of that too if you can, just cover the bucket so light doesn't get to the water (I'd change it first though almost immediately if it is algae)
  10. The others are correct your pH is way too high. Needs to be between 5.2-5.8 with 5.5 being optimal.
  11. well i dropped the ph to 5.5 bought a electric ph meter and kept the temp around 75 to 80so we wikll see the roots are still growing like crazy and how high should the water level be im using a bubble bucket and have it up to the top of the rock wool and now roots are coming out of the top of the rockwool but i have been told thats too high but i havnt had problems with over watering should i keep it as it is

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