Yellowing Beginning In Times Help Please First Grow

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  1. I started my grow a like 2 weeks ago going on 3 and begain useing fox farms grow big on like was directed but I 1/4 the required amount and dosed the plant every other day I watered it with the grow big 2 times then stopped now I'm just useing distilled water plan for the past few days and yesterday my plant just started haveing this weird yellowing starting at the ends of the leaves this is a indoor soil grow under Cfls
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    Here is the way it looks just some one plz help!? Lol

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  3. Have the first leaves fallen off? The round seed leaves? If not, flush and stop feeding until they die naturally. Then start feeding 1/4 strength.
  4. They are slowly starting brown and die off but that seemed to happen with the yellowing of the leaves is this bad?
  5. You have blocked up the tiny root hairs with to much food,....
    flush with 3 times the volume of the pot with air temp.  Ph neutral water allow to recover no food for 2 weeks or until you see a positive improvement 
  6. So flush with mad water all at once?
  7. Yea, flush w/ 3x volume of your pot like Vostok said. It will get you on the right track.
  8. Okay hopefully it goes good ill keep you guys posted thank you.

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