yellowing after transplant

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  1. I recently transplanted from a 16oz Styrofoam cup to a 2 gal smartpot and they originally were vegging under fluros to a 1000w. They look a little yellow maybe mg def or ph possibly off but they looked grea t before and this usually happens to me during this process and was wondering if anyone else experienced this. I'm using 6/9 ghost btw thanks
  2. I'm not very experienced with growing but I think this is pretty normal as the plant is undergoing a lot of stress. It should look better in a few days
  3. Sounds like light bleaching to me. Any pictures?
  4. I'll post some pictures tonight
  5. If the lower leaves especially, are yellowing could be a sign of not enough N. With the 1000 watt light change the plant may be using more N and transporting stored N from the leaves.
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    heres some pics ..., i flushed with plain ro water (in case of over fert because it looks like its clawing) , then started feeding again with 6/9 micro/bloom at 5.6 ph

    before and after pics

    By smokefx at 2012-09-02
    By smokefx at 2012-09-02
  7. They look alright smokefx.....Those roots, of the plants in the cups have pretty much outgrown the cup.
    I think if you transplant before they get that big next time would be better....The roots should start searching for food now and get accustomed to their new home and take off....;)

    Nice job....
  8. thanks alot man, ok, i always run into this situation and i just wanted to make sure i was on top of everything, so basically the plant is suffering some transplant shock. my friend told me they get messed up when they outgrow the pot and transplant to late
  9. They look ok mate. Like cola says, they'll be happy in a bigger pot.

    One question though: what are your lowest night time temps?
  10. nighttime temps are 69-75ish
  11. what's your ph going in?
  12. Smokefx....With those low temps, is that's when the lights are off?

    I think you would have better plants and increase your yield if you topped your plants. or do a little lst your next grow....I see a lot of spindly branches probably caused from the fluo lights not penetrating into the canopy because of height. Fluors are the same as cfl's where you need to keep the light 2-4" above the plant.
    By getting a even canopy when the plant is smaller by, topping etc will allow more light penetration and produce sturdy branches with more bud sites. I would also get that 1000 watt light on the plants sooner for a faster better growth cycle....
  13. Yeah I topped them yesterday they are under 1000w I just threw it in that tent for the picture those are my night time tempos my temps with the lights on are around 76-78 the pH going in was 5.8 but I dropped it to 5.6 to see if it improve anything thanks

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