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  2. I envy you.
    Not the whole waste your potential to dream of being nothing,
    but the fact that you have the ability to be something.
    Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life, but I urge you not to waste your life either.
    You're 2 years younger than I am and you've made more money than I have since I started working at 17.
    Why do you dislike embracing your potential?
    I'd hate to quote spider-man, but it is true: With great power comes great responsibility.
    Figure out what you want, and make sure you aren't just hiding from the world.
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  4. Dump the nagging girlfriend, give up cigarettes.  There's no fun in dropping dead at 55 from a heart atttack.  If you take care of yourself, and save money, you can retire at that age and do anything you want.   Just don't make the mistake of having children.  Live alone if you have to.  
  5. Hey, I really dig this.. :)
    xo Mollie
  6. shout count yourself lucky you had those opportunities basically handed to you.
  7. do not squander your opportunities
    being a "loser" is not as great as you think it will be down the road
    Anxiety is a hell of a thing man. I just want to hide.
  9. Its my very favorite quote of all time! :)
    I've been dealing with anxiety since I was a child. Don't give up on finding a way to cope with it. cheers.
  11. Get some 1,000 watt lights some hydro buckets and be a pot farmer.
    All I do is grow chickens,ducks,geese and turkeys, have big gardens and grow weed outdoor and indoor. Starting to blow glass to pass the time with a realy fun mental challenge.
    Life as a farmer is fun, we eat good and live a nice life even though we will never be rich.
    You live a fairly tale.  Where is your made for tv movie? I wish I had the balls.
  13. Have you tried edibles? For me, they work better for anxiety than flowers do.
    Once, they were from a pretty reliable dude, but the batch didn't turn out I guess.  It just gave me and my girl at the time a massive stomach ache. I've done the high school cracker bullshit.  (I.e. cook a cracker with pb on it in the stove for 20 mins)  I swear I could not fucking move after this shit.  Out of body experience type of shit.  idk if it was the fact that we cooked it or that we were already on all kinds of shit before we did this.
  15. It's best if you make them yourself, but I like Korovas and Buddhas Best at the dispensaries. 
  16. People will always look down on you. Don't worry about what other people want, if you're trying to achieve what you want. Just do what you want, to the best of your ability.
    I do have an unbelievably good life and good karma. I give much more than I take and it makes me happy to live like that.
    You do have to be a bit crazy to have a good life and take some risk.
    Edibles are the way to get high and I get all stoned and laugh a lot, way better high then smoking.
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    To be completely honest, I've pretty much given up smoking. I'm not in a situation where I may feasibly grow, but once I am, I plan on growing a couple plants and start making edibles. I much prefer well made edibles to any kind of smoke. I've somehow grown this mental block where, after I start smoking, I feel dehydrated and don't feel as if I can breathe as well. Sometimes it's okay, but mostly I just eat edibles when possible.
    I may take 2-4 tokes a week. Not much of a smoker anymore. at 46 my lungs are telling me I have done them no good with smoking and working in nasty jobs all my life.
    I have had some people say "edibles dont work for me" they were not done right then. You know a good edible can kick your ass more than anything.  :D
    I make nuclear cookies that will make a person get lost in their own fucking house. LOL no joke. :D
    Man I feel completely opposite witchu'.  I would rather smoke myself into a coma than eat weed.  God damn smoking tobacco and weed is a man's god damn mother fucking right.  I love smoking those two things more than I love breathing.  You bet your ass.

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