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  1. Thank you all first for being a great source of experience

    System]I have a few Northern Lights and a few "grab bag" growin under some FL's (400 Watts -10- 40 watt Ecolux)

    Light schedule - 2 Months 24[/FONT]
    Just turned them back to 6/18
    Will cut back an Hour a week to 12/12 then 4 weeks Flower

    Soil is Moisture Max (.15%-Nitrate .12%-Phosphate .09%-Potash) "ya know the comercial for Miracel grow but store brand

    Five Gallon Buckets

    The Grab Bag few are doing fine and growing like there is no tomarrow with no problems...

    PROBLEM - Northern Lights - Bottom leaves are turning yellow drying up and falling off. The top leaves a curling in on themselves. But the new leaves seem to be doing great.

    Will Up load pics in the morning

    Thank you all
  2. When you say you just moved the lights back to 6/18 am I correct to assume you mean 18/6 (18 hours on, 6 off)? Secondly, your soil has ferts in it which is bad however they are a small amount of nutes and your plants are mature so I don't think it is fert burn. Is this the first yellowing you have encountered so far (no yellowing or curling leaves as seedlings)? What are you feeding them, how often and what type and NPK of the fertilizer? Please see if you can load those pics. They really help in diagnosing trouble.

    Speaking of trouble, the first thing people should do when trouble arises is to check the soil's PH. There are many problems that occur do to the PH being off. What is your soil PH? At this point I am leaning towards N deficiency because you have no mention of fertilizing but please answer the above so we can be sure.

    Edit: Yo man, I just clicked the button on your screen name and read all posts that you made. You neglected to mention that there are some top leaves curling in as well. Did these two things happen at the same time or are they independent of each other? When the leaf margins curl in it is a sign of magnesium deficiency. More info from you needed though.
  3. try to use the process of elimination... like rule out heat stress or stransplant shock. SOunds like heat stress witha little bit too much or too little fertilizer.​

    sounds like mag. deficient like he said too. I had a seedling do the same thing i gave it some fish emulsion and it fixed it right up.
  4. Let me first say that I am Nebie and thank you all in advance for your expeience.

    Will load pics when the light comes back on -

    I will read a little more in the Nebie but may I ask what store ferts I can use and also do you know of a PH tester that is quick.... I have one that has a 12 step process;)

  5. You can buy ferts in the regular store that are good for vegetables. Get something like 20-20-20 for veg to start you off. Then later you can get some flowering fert like 10-20-10 or something. You can pick up a $5.95 soil PH tester that you just stick right in the soil and read it about 30 seconds later. Get those pretty much anywhere.
  6. good advice here :)

    smknvtec is right about the pH, you need to check it

    but another note, do not introduce your plant into flowering when it has a nitrogen deficiency while vegging, this will only make matters worse, and wait at least 1 week after flowering before switching over to a bloom fertilizer

    this will help cut back on the nitrogen deficiencty towards the end, since the plant doesnt have enough nitrogen now, theres no way it will at the end unless you fix tghe problem now

    another note, that moisture soil, is this by MG?

    if so, i have seen absolute problems with cannabis grown in this soil mixture, the mixture retains to much water for cannabis, thus causing soggy soil overwatering and nitrogen deficiencys from soggy soil

    im not saying thisi s whats causing your problem now, but iwill say it has caused this problem many times

    i have seen few growers grow a good plant in that soil mixture because it has its moisture retaining is to much for cannabis

    you dont need to water much with this soil mixture if you overwater it will hold its moisture for some time and hard to gain back the control of the moisture of the soil from the stuff they have in it, i forget whatr thety call it....

    but i would try to use a different soil mixture next ttime....

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