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  1. In week 2 of my veg and noticed the tips on the leaves are yellow which is very small. I did my first fertilization and only mixed 2ml each of Flora Bloom, Flora Micro and Cal Mag per gallon/PH 6.5. This was 9 days ago and I dont feel like I overfed. Would stress from topping cause this? I did my first top a couple days ago. How about overwatering? I havent let the soil go total dry. How normal is this?

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  2. Could be nute burn, but can't be 100% sure with those purple LED lights glaring down on them. Pics in natural light would better help diagnose your plants. If you can include a pic of the whole plant as well that would help too.
  3. Here's better pics.

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  4. Much better pics, thanks. Please take my opinions/suggestions with a grain of salt. I'm not always accurate and when I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it lol. Seems like I always have to say that before I start lol.

    You said that you've been vegging for two weeks, right? What kind of soil is that and for how long have you had them in that pot with that particular soil mix? Is it FFOF soil? If so, isn't that soil on its own suppose to last for a good 3-4 weeks without adding any extra nutes? Yet you mentioned that you added some "2ml each of Flora Bloom, Flora Micro and Cal Mag per gallon" in week 2. What was the final ppm reading before you added it to the soil?
  5. Just give it 6.5 water only for a few watering and see what happens. They are still young so really dont need nutrients yet to be honest.
  6. Thanka guys. I repotted 9 days ago going from a 16 oz cup to a 3 gallon. I did use foxfarm soil and gave it the feeding the day I transplanted. So maybe I made a rookie mistake by giving it a small dose before it had a chance to use up the nutrients from the soil?
  7. Bingo! lol It's an early sign, so hopefully it doesn't get too worse. As @Han-Bolo suggested above, just water (but don't over-water either) with pHed water from here on and wait.
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