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  1. So i had some thrips on my plants and I sprayed them with safe soap.

    Now the thrips seem to be gone, but after using the safer soap... now all these little spots have popped up on the fan leaves.

    I'm about 4 weeks into flowering. And there doesn't seem to be any distorted growth or visable pests... just suddenly light yellow spots around the leaf edge.

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  2. I have had a similar issue with safers , I believe it was just a concentration of chemicals and the hotspot of the light, is this localized

  3. Yes and no.... it is only on a few leaves on several different plants, and some leaves that are in the direct light and some that are shaded by higher growth.... but I soaked the plants well in the safe soap to get rid of the thrips.

    It doesn't seem to be spreading though... so I was thinking the same thing... a slight spot burn from the soap.

  4. just so all yall know,
    Safers does have a shelf life, and, if you mix it too strong,
    it can burn your leaves, or cause mutations, and effects ph with too much run-off.
    if your safers is new than you prolly just mixed it too strong.
    spray with plain water once a day for two or three days to get rid of any excess residue so that it doesnt get any worse! also, you may want to raise your light when you spray, water droplets can act as a magnifying glass and cause little yellow burn spots on leaves. and they usually occure on the edges...
    just a thought,
    may or may not pertain to your particular situation though!
    good luck
    Whats up Ganja?

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